Gameday – episode 2

David, Matt and Austin look back at the Toronto Maple Leafs first preseason game against the Ottawa Senators and discussed some roster decisions that will have to be made. associate reporter Keegan Matheson looks at the upcoming Toronto Blue Jays series. The show wraps up with a discussion about the MLB playoffs and the Tournament 12 experience and the impact it has had on the Canadian Game. [ See more » ]

Gameday – episode 1

Matt, Austin and David recap the Toronto Maple Leafs rookie tournament looking at who stood out and which players to watch at training camp. They then look at the team’s opening training camp roster and who to watch going into this season. In the final segment they talk about the recent news and trends in the MLB and where the Toronto Blue Jays go after a tough 2017 season. [ See more » ]

The Chach Report

After a quick round up of breaking news, sports and entertainment, Nicole Royle talks with Paul Dowsett, a sustainable architect who has concerns about the City of Toronto’s new plan to charge homeowners more for managing stormwater; Anna Boyes finds out why cultural appropriation at this summer’s music festivals is sounding a sour note; and Michael Chachura interviews Jane Lytvynenko of Buzzfeed about how to protect yourself while using Snapchat. [ See more » ]

Where it Came From

After a quick round up of breaking news, sports and entertainment, Ali Naqvi speaks with Toronto Maple Leafs official DJ Cale Granton as he prepares to run the party for fans watching Game 4 of the playoffs; Melissa Stephenson learns more about the Toronto Public Library’s Seasonal Affective Disorder therapy project; and Vineeta Patel delves into homelessness impacting LGBTQ youth in Toronto. [ See more » ]

We’ve Got the Frequency Kenneth

After a quick round up of breaking news, sports and entertainment, the hosts take a look at a new website to combat fake news and let young university graduates tell their own stories: it’s called The Blank Page; Alexa Battler interviews Krystin Wallace, a veterinary technician at Morningside Pet Hospital about the controversial practice of declawing cats; Sarah Bhola talks to a high school student suffering from depression about the 13 Reasons Why TV Series, and Lea Sheffield heads to an art show by Centennial College students. [ See more » ]