RTM News

After a quick round up of breaking news, sports and entertainment, the hosts take a look at why social worker Camisha Sibblis thinks the Toronto public school system leads to criminalization of black youth; how a young Nigerian student is coping with moving to Canada to study; and how student Kristina Stepanic managed to score one of the coveted free VIA RAIL youth travel passes for Canada’s 150th birthday. [ See more » ]

The NBO Show

After a quick round up of breaking news, sports and entertainment, the hosts take a look at how carpenters create the sets for films and television in Toronto; what parents should know about the mumps outbreak in the city’s west end; and why a Toronto artist created the now infamous mural of the late former mayor Rob Ford on the side of a city building in Kensington Market. [ See more » ]

The Journal – April 12, 2017

This episode of the The Journal features four documentaries: a story about crazy parkour at The Monkey Vault, an artist profile about Pradeep Anurag Gade, who carves classroom chalk into amazing objects, an intimate look into the personal experiences of an ADHD sufferer and finally a fascinating feature story about Ursula Darby, a psychic medium. The episode also includes a wonderful performance by singer/songwriter Adam Hrkach. [ See more » ]

The Journal – April 6, 2017

This episode of The Journal features four documentaries including the emotional story of a Sri Lankan man named Jamita who overcame racism and bigotry in Japan at a young age, a hopeful look at Bell Let’s talk event for mental health awareness, a visual essay on Toronto’s work with urban forestry and a documentary profiling two Toronto based artists. In studio, the episode features a performance and interview with local Toronto singer/songwriter Yua Imande performing his own original song. [ See more » ]