Shelley Adler

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Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Shelley Adler was educated at the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland, later receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University and a Master of Fine Arts from Boston University.

Adler has had exhibits in both Vancouver and Toronto, including several solo shows. She also received the 1997 Drawing Award from the Blackwood Gallery.

About Creative Fusion

Creative Fusion is a lecture series designed to provide arts students with the opportunity to meet real artists who make their life in the real world, by practising their visual arts skills.

Artists from many disciplines visit Centennial College’s Centre for Creative Communications. These include graphics designers, illustrators, digital motion experts, advertising conceptualists, gallery dealers and fine artists, such as painters.

The goal is to present different aspect of the visual arts world to students so that they becomes aware of the wide scope of art and art-related careers.