Panel Discussion: Digital Intimacy

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Panel Discussion: Digital Intimacy
May 7, 2007

Centennial College’s Integrated Media Department at the Centre for Creative Communications held its annual award show, and with it an “Integrated Media Festival”. The Integrated Media Department consists of the New Media Design, Digital Animation, Game Design and Broadcasting + Film Programs.

The highlight of the festival was a panel on Digital Intimacy, featuring Cynthia Loyst a producer at SexTV and Tony Walsh, a consultant for the website

The Panel focussed on discussions surrounding the following topic: With the proliferation of niche channels in the broadcast world and with the maturation of the Internet, the boundaries of our media world are pushing the limits and expressions of intimacy into new arenas.

Also discussed were questions such as: Are we more or less inhibited? How intimate are we with each other? Is this changing our definition of relationships? and What is the connection between intimacy and sexuality as expressed in our media universe?