In The Sharks We Swallow

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In The Sharks We Swallow

· Heidi Hatcher as Selina Gardens
· Zack Wiseman as Richard Parker
· Mark DeNicola as Christoph
· Danijel Mandic as Benni
· Matthew Spencer as Luke Davis
· Alex Mesherakov as Nazi Soldier
· Mark Church as Canadian Soldier
Executive producer: Malcolm Byard
Produced by: Chris Spatafora
Written by: Stephen DalCin
Directed by: Mark Church
Editors: Andrew Weeks, Stephen DalCin
Production designer: Andrew Weeks
Audio mixer: Roberto Novielli
Boom operator: Alex Mesherakov
Art director: Andrew Weeks
Key makeup artist: Carissa Reyes
Makeup artist: Alex Mesherakov
Sound design: Stephen DalCin
Production photographer: Carissa Reyes
Video effects and post rendering: Andrew Weeks, Alex Tremblay
Special effects: Craig Anderson, Danny White
Graphic designer: Andrew Weeks
Gaffer: Chris Spatafora
Score and music: Evren Ozdemir, Stephen DalCin
Weapons handler: Alex Young
Catering: Carissa Reyes
Transport: Roberto Novielli, Carissa Reyes
Special thanks: Christy Young, Dave Young, Kyle Church, Matt Church, Paul Scott, Matt Fisher, Ross Moore, Anthony DalCin, Greg Humble and the Kempenfelt Conference Centre, Tom and Nick’s Army Surplus, Lotus Motel, Town of Castleton, Acme FX, Jordan Sammuel, R. Hiscott – Beauty & Theatrical Supplies, Ontario Provincial Police

The Donny Awards 2010

Each spring, The Centre for Creative Communications closes its academic year with a fun awards ceremony that recognizes the best work by its Digital Animation, Game Design + Development, Interactive Digital Media and Broadcasting + Film students.

The Donny Awards take their name from Don Gray, Centennial’s long-serving professor who taught legions of young radio and television broadcasters over the years before retiring several years ago.