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Written & directed by: Kalen Artinian
Producer: Keisha Smith
· Jennifer Pullon as Dancer
· Christian Smith as Boyfriend
1st A.D.: Annabelle Fischer
D.O.P.: Adrian Mehes
2nd D.O.P.: Nigel Mendoza
Art director: Tristan Clark
Art dept. asst.: Derek Degale
Editor/continuity: Gerard “Gee” Yee
Continuity asst.: Tyler Baron, Farzana Shammi, Adam Rizvi
Audio: Abdullah Malek Mohammad
Lighting: Immanuel Wint
Storyboard artist: Ashley Johnston
Volunteers: Ray Josef, Milos Trunic, Ryan Dilts, Steve Putts, Cian Foley
· Kevin McLeod – “Prelude in C – BWV 846”
· Laffhappy – “Swinging Through the Vines”
· Kevin McLeod – “Atlantean Twilight”
Executive producer: Malcolm Byard

The Donny Awards 2010

Each spring, The Centre for Creative Communications closes its academic year with a fun awards ceremony that recognizes the best work by its Digital Animation, Game Design + Development, Interactive Digital Media and Broadcasting + Film students.

The Donny Awards take their name from Don Gray, Centennial’s long-serving professor who taught legions of young radio and television broadcasters over the years before retiring several years ago.