Darkness At The Stroke Of Noon

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The Murphy Challenge 2011
Experimental Feature Film Contest

The 2011 Murphy ChallengeThe Premise

Former B&F full-time faculty Dennis Murphy wrote his first novel during his tenure as a professor at the college. The novel, Darkness At The Stroke Of Noon, was published following his passing two years ago.

This year, the Murphy Challenge challenged each participating group of students to adapt and produce a given segment from Dennis’s novel. The finished scenes are strung together as an experimental feature film.

The Project

Each student group produced up to a three-minute adaptation of a provided segment from Darkness At The Stroke Of Noon. The contest started Wednesday, Jan. 19 and ended Monday, Jan. 24 at noon. The scenes were produced by groups of students from each of the three programs currently in Integrated Media.

Each student assumed a key production role on their project: producer, writer, director, camera, actor, editor, audio, special effects, art direction, etc. As a team, each group took complete responsibility for producing their project. Senior students were especially encouraged to help the younger students for the project.