2011 Photo Contest Judging: Open

Welcome to the judging screen for the Open/Misc category in the 2011 Photo Contest.

Take a look at the photos below. There are 19 entered in the Open/Misc category.

Before you vote, remember you can only vote for each photo once. Once your vote is registered, the vote is locked in and can’t be changed.

To vote:

    • To see a larger version of any image, just click on the preview already shown.
    • To download the original, unaltered capture, click the “Full Size” link below the preview. These large files have no cropping or image manipulation applied to them.
    • To vote, use the drop down menu just below each image. The menu is labelled “Rate this image”. Give the photo a rating of 0-10 (0 being awful and 10 being awesome).
    • Then click “Rate” immediately to the right of the drop down. Note: once you hit “Rate”, you’re vote for that photo is registered and you won’t be able to change your vote later.
    • Repeat for each photo.

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