The Original SoundTrack [episode 22]

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The Original SoundTrack is a radio show about music and media. We look at the world around us and the role that music (and artists) play on us and our society.

The Original SoundTrack Episode 22

This Episode:
Note: Due to technical difficulties, the first 10–15 minutes of this episode were not recorded.

Topic Rant: Those stupid Terms of Service agreements that you have to accept in order to use anything on your computer. Josh and Meggan share stories of their experiences with those soul-sucking contracts that only veteran lawyers can understand. Then Josh conducts an interview with Toronto artist Meggan Lindeman, who stopped by for an interview!

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Hollograms – Styles of Beyond
Four Years – Victory Bells
Success  – Slipp with HubbStar & Dr. Ox
Second Skin – Heather Hill
You Belong Somewhere – Joanne Baik
Dear Mr. President  – P!NK
Cellar Door  – Holly Brook
I Know Better – Amanda Edwards
Westbound Like the Sun – Robyn Pauhl
Set Me Free – Ashley Ross
Turn Me On – Jessica Speziale
Capable – KO
Could You Be Loved – Bob Marley & The Whailers
I want you – Sandman feat. Dru
Battery Acid – MDFQ
Your Love – Chattrisse
To the Top – Cassa
I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman – K-Os feat. Saukrates & Nelly Furtado
It’s Far Better to Learn – Saosin

On The Air (Top 10) Mash Up:
10. I Know Better – Amanda Edwards
9. Success – Slipp, Hubstar & Dr. Ox
8. Westbound Like The Sun – Robyn Pauhl
7. Four Years – Victory Bells
6. Set Me Free – Ashley Ross
5. To The Top – Cassa
4. You Belong Somewhere – Joanne Baik
3. Turn Me On – Jessica Speziale
2. Your Love – Chattrisse
1. Second Skin – Heather Hill