Radio Nation [episode 24]

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Radio Nation [episode 24]

April 19, 2011

This week on Radio Nation:

  • I’ll be talking a bit of politics. Not sure where you fall on the political spectrum? You can check out this neat website: Vote Compass.
  • How about the weather? It’s annoying, isn’t it? Well it’s not going to be much better as snow is expected in the forecast for much of Ontario this weekend.
  • Plus my thoughts on the NHL playoffs.
  • Are you looking to travel to the United States this summer? Have you ever dreamed of seeing such cities as Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago or New York? You can and for a lot less money than you ever thought possible. I’ll speak about my recent $4 trip to Washington D.C. and how you can plan an unforgettable trip.
  • The featured artist this week is Charly Tate of Seattle. A dance/electronica/pop artist who’s upbeat style is always a pleasure to listen to!

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