The Journal Episode 6 – April 28, 2011

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The Journal Episode 6 – Thursday, April 28, 2011

On the show:
| Michelle Zieger, James Rock
Rednecks, Mudpits & Trucks | by Megan Warren, Joey Crisis
The BBoy Scene | by Mahmud Moral
When I Grow Up | by Michelle Zieger, James Rock
Gas Prices: What the Hell is Happening? | by Evan Wheatley, Patrick Samaniego
Internet Challenges | by Sophie Challen, Luis Icabales, Patrick Samaniego, Juan Paolo Guira | by James Rock, Michelle Zieger
Student Life | by Roya Nouraei-kya, Tarah Bleier
Projextz Dance Crew | by Patrick Samaniego, Luis Icabales

Executive Producer: Dorlene Lin
Show Producer: Ray Josef
Senior Story Producer: Joseph La Madrid
Production Manager: Cody McIntyre
Studio Production Assistant: Joyce Bermudez
Web Coordinator: Roya Nouraei-kya
Lighting Design: Luis Icabales
Set Design: Carl John
Technical Director:
Sophie Challen
Floor Director: Tarah Bleier
CG Design:
Joseph La Madrid
Studio Float: Cassandra Cassibo
Special Guest: Ryan Drummond
Camera: Cody McIntyre, Mahmud Moral, Juan Paolo Guira
Audio: Milos Trunic
Audio Assistant: Bradley Robinson
VTR Operator: Roya Nouraei-kya
Teleprompter: Carl John
CG Operator: Evan Wheatley
Studio Floater: Joyce Bermudez