Centennial Sports TV – Fall.11 Show 3

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Centennial Sports TV — Fall 2011, Show 3

This special edition of CSTV features an entire show on the sport we call the beautiful game: soccer.

We have highlights from local high schools Marc Garneau, East York Collegiate and Leaside.

Our very own Centennial Colts men and women take to the pitch for their first games of the season and we’re there to capture all the action.

We have an in depth examination of the defending national champion York Lions and how hard it is to repeat as champions. They have failed once before, but we look at whether or not they have learned their lesson and can beat the odds.

Right here in our own backyard we have a father/son duo who have been with East York soccer their entire lives and are now using their passion for the game to give back to the community through the sport they love. Tune in to find out the story of Dragan and Theo Zagar.

The show also contains tips from Coach George on how to better your game. George teaches you the skills you need to become a champion.

We talk to a two-time champion high school girls team who has begun training for their season – which starts in April, and asks them why they are already practising hard.

Finally Josh Craig takes to the streets to ask the world wide question of who is the best footballer in the world: Messi or Ronaldo?