Centennial Sports TV – Fall.11 Show 5 Preview

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Centennial Sports TV — Fall 2011, Show 5 Preview

Here is what East York sports fans can expect from the upcoming episode of Centennial Sports TV:

  • Our team brings you the action as St. Michael’s aims to show the North York Rangers how things are done in Buzzer country.
  • The Danforth CI senior volleyball team looks to complete one more tour-de-force as they stare down yet another City Championship.
  • The Leaside Lancers sharpen their points heading in to their joust with Chaminade.
  • And our own Aaron Korolnek asks Centennial College students if they really know where all their tuition dollars end up.

You can catch the show LIVE at Centennial onDemand on Tuesday, Oct. 18 at 8 p.m. eastern time.