The Original SoundTrack [episode 41]

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Hosted by Josh Skinner, The Original SoundTrack is about music and culture. Located inside Centennial College’s Centre for Creative Communications, The Original SoundTrack is a radio show that looks to play all kinds of music from all genres, by local artists! We’re working hard to create a 100 per cent original playlist comprised of music from local and up-and-coming artists that you don’t hear played on your local mainstream radio station. Among the music, we try and find the most interesting topics to bring to you ranging from recent news to social quirks that we all encounter in our daily lives, and topics suggested by you, the listener!

The Original SoundTrack Episode 41

Congratulations to 5th PROJEKT and their song “Hurricane” for becoming the October Original 10 song of the month!

Check out our website to vote in our Original 10 list for your favourite song, see the latest Original 10 results, check out other artists that have been on the show, listen to and download the artist interview and more!

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Original 10 (Top 10 list):
10. Reluctantly – Meghan Morrison
9. Tear This Apart – Melissa-Bel
8. Ihorere – Cassa
7. Take a Deep Breath – Chattrisse
6.  Superman – Andrea Godin
5. Soldier – Kara Purto
4. Lakeside Reels – Ania Ziemirska
3. Treading Water – Dakota Starr
2. Set Me Free – Ashley Ross
1. Hurricane – 5th Projekt

Candles & Wine – MDFQ
Atlantic Blue – Linda Raine
Valetta – Victory Bells
Stay  – Ann Chaplin
Giving Love A Try – Ania Ziemirska
Just He Ideal – Heather Hill
Liar Liar – Dakota Starr
Hush – Meghan Morrison
Miles of Night – 5th Projekt
Brace Yourself – Jessica Speziale
What I Got – Kara Purto
I Want You – Sandman ft. Dru
To The Top – Cassa
999  – Slipp
Sunshine – The KaC Himself Ft. Ashley Ross
30’s Not Supposed 2 Be Like This – Sojay
Falling For You (Adorable) – Meggan Lindeman
I Depend on Me – Candice Chantrell
El Amor – Nancy Diaz
I’m Here – Joanne Baik
Your Love – Chattrisse