The Journal – April 4, 2013

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The Journal – April 4, 2013

On the show:
| Maria José Cabrera, Michael Baillie

Producers: Chris Marr, Justin Irvine
Director: Justin Irvine

“A BEARD Sense of Humour”
By: Andrew Singh
DOP: Danny Green

“Barber Shop”
By: Michael Baillie
Starring: Lindon Charles, Brant Morrison

“One Milk Two Sugars”
By: Keval Prajapati

“Off Road”
By: Nicole Muzyczka
DOP: Justin Irvine, Nicole Muzyczka

By: Jacquie Potestio

By: Josi Hounsounou

“The Unleashed”
By: Brie Cantonali
Director of Unleashed: Manuel DaSilva
Editor/DOP: Jason Guerriere