The Journal – April 18, 2013

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The Journal – April 18, 2013

On the show:
| Jacquie Potestio, Danny Green

Producers: Josianne Hounsounou, Brie Cantonali
Production Manager: Long Cheng
Script Writer: Keval Prajapapi

“Homeless in Toronto”
Directed, Edited, Music by: Kunle Thomas

Directed, Edited by: Michael Baillie
Music from: Incompetech, roilty free music

“Chasing Dreams”
Directed, Edited, Produced by: Jacquie Potestio

“With great comics comes great responsibility”
Directed, Edited by: Andrew Singh
DOP: Kyle Credo
Song: Water wave, composed by Andrew Singh

“Luckey Chucky”
Directed, Edited by: Maria Cabrera
Audio Director: Tim Sayles

“Beauty in the beast”
Directed, Edited by: Keval Prajapapi
Song: Chill Urben – Frank Nora

“Bike Heart”
Directed, Edited, Produced by: Benjamin Dabu