Andrew Lindell at The Corridor

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In September 2013, The Corridor Gallery at the Story Arts Centre was home to Curve2, an exhibit by contemporary artist Andrew Lindell. •

About Andrew Lindell:

Toronto-based artist Andrew Lindell breathes new life into remnants from his craft as a scenic film carpenter. He adds and subtracts pigments with force on his preferred canvas: snake plywood.

His show, Curve2, describes his special, sculpture-like art that honours his past, with a high regard for our future.

Andrew began his artistic pursuits at the age of 12 alongside his grandfather, where he learned the art of carpentry, construction and expression through art.

Born in 1960 in Asbestos, Quebec, Andrew has spent most of his life bringing his creativity to life through leather craft, furniture design, home design and construction, millwork installations, film-set carpentry and his own unique style of art and sculpture.

He spent two years living in Canada’s Arctic, and maintains a connection to his family and friends living there.

Andrew combines his talent as a carpenter with his inspiration as an artist to demonstrate assemblage in his art. All of his works are generated from previously used materials.

Andrew is a member of I.A.T.S.E.