The Journal – March 28, 2014 [s2]

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The Journal – March 28, 2014 [section 2]

Cast and Crew:

Hosts: Jeyanthan Jeyaratnam, Linda Mensah
Writer: Michael Kaplan
Director: Justin Surran
Producer: Ashley Lockyer
Executive Producer: Geoff Bowie
Packaging Producer: Andre Legault
1st Camera: Asgar Kazi
2nd Camera: Angelo Jules
3rd Camera: Suzanne Hills
Floor Director: Danielle Couto
Graphics: Simon Tesfey
Technical Director: Alyssa Pronay
CCU: Consessia Zhang
Production Assistant: Michael Kaplan
Audio: Dian Quin
Audio Assistant: Clayton Grundy-Ward
Lighting: Godwill Okot
TVA: Oshien Burrell
Teleprompter: Andrea Hernandez Parada