The Journal – April 3, 2014 [s4]

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The Journal – April 3, 2014 [section 4]

About the show:

Studio Camera: Melissa Green, Richard Creighton, Jared Vitone, Josh Dawson
Floor Manager: Angelo Tonogbanua
Prompter: Vlad Romanets
Audio Technician: Ryan Orizabal
Audio Assistant: Kevin Dawe
TV P.A.: Ryan Liu
Webmanager: Tiffany Tanuan
Lighting: Fana Abay
CG: Amir Dabiri
Technical Director: Andrew Alves
Director: Eric Shum
Executive Producer: Christopher Terry

Documetary Pieces:

“Safe Driving”
Producer: Geordie Turnbull
Camera: Geordie Turnbull
Editor: Karen Anderson

“Tabletop Gaming”
Producer: Kevin Dawe
Camera: Josh Dawson
Editor: Kevin Dawe

“One’ Treasure”
Producer: Andrew Alves
Camera: Patrick Kelly
Editor: Andrew Alves