Around The World with Femi Shine

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Around The World with Femi Shine

Each episode of Around The World with Femi Shine covers selected countries from around the world, discussing a range of topics, including music, culture and other relevant subjects.

About host Akinrotimi Oluwafemi
Creative writer, blogger, social media strategist and content developer

Akinrotimi Oluwafemi, aka Femi Shine, is a content manager and social media strategist in the digital media space. Having completed his undergraduate degree at Ekiti State University Nigeria with a major in computer science, Oluwafemi has done freelance work in radio broadcast and creative writing for media.

Oluwafemi is currently a post-graduate student in interactive digital media at Centennial College’s Story Arts Centre, where he is being versed in subjects such as web auditing, interactive narratives, media project management, content strategy and emerging technology.

Other interests include: data analytics, video production and broadcast media