POPnJOE Podcast – episode 3

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POPnJOE Podcast – episode 3

Episode breakdown:

  • Segment 1) We start discussing the blockbuster deal in the NHL where Winnipeg Jets sent Evander Kane and 2 other players to the Buffalo Sabres for a number of players and number 1 pick.  We discuss how Kane became out of favour in Winnipeg and how the Jets were forced to trade him.  We wonder whether the Jets received enough compensation for a first round pick and a 30 goal scorer, especially since they are pushing for a playoff birth.  We agreed that Winnipeg received about as much as they could get as they also got some players for the future. We then discuss Buffalo’s role and how they did.  Seems to be a win-win situation.  How Buffalo seems to get better for next year (as Kane is hurt and out for the remainder of the season) and yet worse for this year to almost ensure getting the first overall pick.
  • Segment 2) We then delve into the Toronto Maple Leafs and see how they will respond after seeing what Buffalo has done.  Toronto has plenty of players that they could and need to trade and the deadline is fast approaching.  We go into specific players on the team that we feel should be traded (specifically those that will be free agents) but we also touch on players that we would keep such as Morgan Reilly.
  • Segment 3) Within the previous segment, we also run into our weekly feature of Pop’s Rant.  This week Dario is upset with those that want the Leafs to rebuild yet still want to make offers to current Leafs like a long term deal to Nazem Kadri.
  • Segment 4) We bring it back to Reilly and talk not only about his skills, but his emphasis on playing for the team rather than the individual.  We start talking more about the role players on the third and fourth line and how the Leafs have over paid for those positions.  Yet you can get players such as Mason from last year, Santarelli from this year that come cheap on a one year contract and play hungry.
  • Segment 5) After we mention the lack of leadership with Leafs, we discuss that in the stall next door, the Raptors have a ton of leadership.  We talk about their core players help set the tone for the role players and the role players like James Johnson and Lou Williams have responded.  We talk about the difference in culture that the Raptors have and how they got to this point since Bryan Colangelo was General Manager.
  • Segment 6) We touch briefly on the changes that Toronto FC and the Toronto Blue Jays have made in the off season and how both teams seemed to make moves for the better.  We discuss how Giovinco will help solidify TFC’s transition from defence to offence and we both believe will lead to their first playoff game.  We touch on the Blue Jays and specific Russell Martin who will need to be great to help this young rotation be as good as they can.  The Jays have a very strong batting lineup but as Dario feels we are weaker in the bullpen, Joe believes they are weaker in the starting five. We end with the OK Blue Jay song.​