POPnJOE Podcast – episode 4

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POPnJOE Podcast – episode 4

Recorded Feb. 25, 2015.

Episode breakdown:

  • Segment 1) We begin the show discussing the injuries to two of Chicago’s biggest sports star.  Patrick Kane is now sidelined about 10 weeks and the Blackhawks lost one of their best player until late into the playoffs.  On the same night, Derek Rose tore his meniscus and he is out for the remainder of the season.  Derek Rose has had a history of injuries including missing all of last year.
  • Segment 2) We breakdown the options that each of these teams can do to replace their players, how the teams will cope and what their chances are as they move into the playoffs.
  • Segment 3) With the injury to Rose, it also may have an impact on the Toronto Raptors. We discuss if and how far the Bulls will drop in the standings.
  • Segment 4) We also discuss whether the Raptors GM has missed an opportunity to go deep in the playoffs now that Chicago may not be a contender and Cleveland is still learning how to gel.
  • Segment 5) We then mention that pitchers and catchers started spring training.  We believe that the Jays chances are based more on hope than anything else.  They did improve but still have question marks at bullpen, second base and a young starting rotation.
  • Segment 6) POP’s Rant is on Sepp Blatter and how he has no care for anyone or any organization.  For making sexist and homophobic comments. For the hundreds and hundreds of bribery allegations which an internal committee said were false.