POPnJOE Podcast – episode 5

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POPnJOE Podcast – episode 5

Recorded March 4, 2015.

Episode breakdown:

Segment 1: We discuss the Florida Panther situation where both goalies got hurt during the game and they played hurt to try and help their team in a playoff race win the game.  Montoya played with a groin injury and Luongo with a shoulder injury.  Can the Leafs learn about what heart it takes to sacrifice for their team that way.

Segment 2: We then talk about the crazy 48 hours in Leafland where we had Phile Kessel call out the media for how they have been dealing with his teammate Dion Phaneuf on the morning of the Florida game.  We wonder if this was the right time for it to come out or what may have brought it on.

Segment 3: Free agent players do take into consideration whether or not they want to play in Toronto with media and fans the way they were. Nash was one example of who did not sign here.

Segment 4: Which Leafs will be on the roster in the fall.  Trying to see what changes can/will be made over the summer and will that make any difference in the lockerroom.  The workman attitude player is what the fans fall in love with like Domi, Clark, Tucker and Junk Yard Dog in basketball.

Segment 5: Touch briefly on NHL tradeline with the Rangers and quickly move into playoffs and which teams are people are talking about most in the Eastern Conference advancing to the finals.  Most chatter is around the Canadians and Rangers, then Washington, Pittsburgh, and even Bruins.  But no one is talking about the NY Islanders and maybe they can be a surprise and start a new generation of Tavares vs Stamkos

Segment 6: We end the show bragging about heading down to Spring Training in warm Florida in the next few days.  We figure we just jinxed ourselves and it will rain the entire time.

See you in two weeks.