POPnJOE Podcast – episode 6

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POPnJOE Podcast – episode 6

Recorded March 18, 2015.

Episode breakdown:

Segment 1: Introduce our episode about Spring Training and the warm weather and who we visited there.

Segment 2: Joe talks about his interview with Canadian Marcus Knecht the Blue Jay Prospect. We had a clip of how baseball was in his blood and the article can be found on canadianbaseballnetwork.com.

Segment 3: Dario talks about his interview with Canadian Maxx Tissenbaum from the Tampa Bay Rays. He speaks about his sister and family and how they have all helped each other progress in their lives. The article is on canadianbaseballnetwork.com.

Segment 4: We share stories from spring training regarding how difficult it was getting good pictures and how uncomfortable we felt as photographers. We discuss how Joe nearly got hit and how the Toronto reporter got hit with a baseball earlier that week.

We also expressed how difficult it was finding our minor league player when they all dressed the same and tended to look alike.

Segment 5: Joe talks about his time doing his first golf interview and Pop talks about his night in the hospital.

Segment 6: We spoke about the Blue Jays and the injuries that they started suffering and the unique injuries that they were with Stroman getting hurt on bunting drill, Saunders hurt from a sprinkler, Pillar hurt from a sneeze.

Segment 7: We again state our belief of how the Blue Jays will fair not only this year, but how they are setup over the next few years. We mention that there really is no front runner with the perennial Red Sox and Yankees slated to have an off year.

Segment 8: We speak about the raptors and how will they fair this playoff and over the next year or two as well. Including whether or not Wiggins will be part of the Raptors future and would the Raptors tamper in this situation.

Segment 9: We talk about the recent retirement about the 24 year old San Francisco 49er who retired due to fear of prolonged injury and how this might affect other players. Pop also talks about his children and that he would let them play football if they wanted too. Pop would let them but with a close eye.