As The Heel Turns – episode 3

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As The Heel Turns – episode 3

We welcome Canadian Press Sports Reporter-Editor John Chidley-Hill to the show! John is a fellow wrestling fanatic as well as a Centennial College alum.

John has his own podcast called How the Sausage Gets Made. And you can follow John on Twitter @jchidleyhill.

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Episode 3 breakdown

Segment 1:
A little bit about John’s background, including picking his brain with some quick fire questions regarding favourite wrestling moments and CM Punk. We ponder the potential of the Divas division, the repetitive format of Monday Night Raw, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, and, most importantly, the Rusev/Lana soap opera!

Segment 2:
We move on to talking about the 12-man tag team title match at Elimination Chamber (with 90% less El Torito talk), specifically the viability of each team and whether or not the success of the New Day angle was deliberate or not. Also, John explains why The Authority are the “worst heel faction ever”.

Segment 3:
We discuss the booking of this week’s John Cena US Title Open Challenge with Zack Ryder, including Cena’s scintillating promo, the change of pace from the recent NXT challengers, and the ongoing Cena/Kevin Owens feud.

Segment 4:
The show closes with predictions for the six-man Intercontinental Title match at Elimination Chamber. The boys make their picks for who will walk out with the championship and Pop continues to show his disdain for the involved talent (except for Little Jimmy) especially when it comes to Wade Barrett’s alleged kingship.