POPnJOE Podcast – episode 11

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POPnJOE Podcast – episode 11

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Segment 1
We talk about the late comeback victory of the Chicago Blackhawks in the first game of the Stanley Cup Final.  We don’t believe that Tampa Bay have what it takes to come back and that the predictions of the Blackhawks winning easily is coming to fruition.  We take their path to the final as well as what the teams are both made up of.

Segment 2
The NBA Finals are also upon us and the sentiment is eerily similar as to that of the NHL.  It just seems that Golden State have too many weapons and Cleveland only has Lebron James.  Irving is not at 100% and Love can’t even play.  On the defensive side there are a number of players that can do a decent job defending James.  James will still get his points, but Golden State will do a better job in guarding the other players than Atlanta of Chicago could.  We feel this is a 5 game series, maybe 6.  Dario does state that if Cleveland wins 2 or 3 games, that Joe will have to acknowledge that Blatt is a good coach and not a baby sitter.  Joe is still not a believer.

Segment 3
We touch on the Toronto Maple Leafs and the rumours surrounding them as they prepare for the draft.  There is one stating they are willing to give up their 4th overall pick and there are those that state that they are actually trying to acquire the 5th overall pick to add to theirs.  We break down the possible pieces of the trade and agree it would be very worthwhile for the buds to consider it, but we don’t see the total value for Carolina to ink such a deal.  One of those pieces in play is Mitch Marner who Joe happened to interview and we hear a bit if that.