As The Heel Turns – episode 5

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As The Heel Turns – episode 5

Our first episode dedicated entirely to Smash Wrestling, and it is a doozy! The Ontario based wrestling promotion put on not one, but TWO shows this past Saturday and the As The Heel Turns crew was there to see it all. A comprehensive review of the all female Give Divas a Chance show and the charity event DRIcore Kicks ALS headlined by world champion wrestler Samoa Joe!

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You can check out Smash Wrestling @smashwrestling and at

We appreciate all the talent and staff involved, but wanted to shine a light on four performers who stole the show. Make sure to find them on Twitter and buy a ticket if they’re in your area:

Brent Banks: @_banks
Kevin Bennett: @TheKevinBennett
Jason “The Gift Kincaid”: @GiftKincaid
“The Neon Ninja” Facade: @1FACADE

And, as promised, an extra how do you do for the pre-show match featuring Dan O’Hare and George Gatton versus “The Man With No Name” Cecil Nyx(?) and Preston Miles. Praise for the unsung heroes!

Episode 5 breakdown

Segment 1:
We offer our thoughts on the first card of the evening, Give Divas a Chance, highlighting special performers and moments. Dario accuses Alex of using him as a human shield to protect him from one of the wrestlers, we talk about the always valuable Cherry Bomb, Alex freaks out about loose elbow pads, and we debate the challenges that female wrestlers face in this unique business.

Segment 2:
Things only get more intense as we move on to talking about the sensational DRIcore Kicks ALS show. We give a blow-by-blow account of a four-way match that feature some of the most insane stunts any of us had ever seen. Also discussed are a segment involving Every Time I Die guitarist Andy Williams (currently blowing up online), Jimmy Kor-deras’ expert officiating, the dubious premise of the Team Canada versus Team “USA” match, the freakiness of Rich Swann. Lastly, we share the surreal experience of seeing current WWE wrestler Samoa Joe come to a local gym and the ridiculous Chris Hero “Infinity Gauntlet” challenge.

Segment 3:
Our contractually obligated discussion of Monday Night RAW and the upcoming Money in the Bank show this Sunday in Columbus, Ohio.