POPnJOE Podcast – episode 12

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POPnJOE Podcast – episode 12

Special Edition this week as we have special guests on the show. Joining us from Sports from the 6 are Flip Livingstone and Alykhan Ravjiani where we discuss the NBA Finals.

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Episode breakdown:

Segment 1
POPnJOE are shocked that the Cavs are up 2-1 in the series and we hear from Flip that he is the only one to see Cleveland do so well. We beak down both teams talking about the star players and bench roles. Alykhan still sees Golden State winning comparing it to the Memphis series. We all though did come to one agreement: if Cleveland wins the next one and go up 3-1, then the series will be over.

Segment 2
After our guests depart, we discuss the NHL Stanley Cup and again, how wrong we have been about how this series is going. Although tied 2-2, both victories for the Blackhawks did not seem deserved as they have been outplayed each game. We discuss the Chicago defence and how they need to step up as well as their star players Toews and Kane. We credit Tampa’s speed as giving Chicago fits all the time. This is another series where we are unsure of. Does Chicago finally play like they normally do and take two out of the next three games? Or does Tampa continue the better play and win the championship?

Segment 3
The Blue Jays finally crack our lineup and again, another surprising team as they are on an eight-game winning steak. Timely hitting and pitching have been the mainstay over the past week and talk about how wonderful Josh Donaldson has been as well as the starters. We talk about the youth that is still available but we are realistic in that there are still 100 games to be played so we don’t want to put the cart ahead of the horse.

Segment 4
Speaking of horses, we briefly touch on many stories such as: American Pharaoh winning the Belmont and the Triple Crown; Barcelona defeating Juventus in the Champions League; Canada beating China on the start of the Women’s World Cup; Nadal losing at the French Open to the number 1 player in the world Djokovich, who in turn lost to Wawrinka in the finals; and since that may be the end of an era, we also sadly touch on Tiger Woods, who shot an 85 and may also be an indicator for the end of an era.