POPnJOE Podcast – episode 13

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POPnJOE Podcast – episode 13

This week we have two special guests on the show for the unlucky episode 13. Steve Gordon and James Gardner fill in for the missing Joe “The Franchise” Narsa. We knew this episode was unlucky!

This week we discuss the Stanley Cup Champions, the NBA Finals Champions and we ask ourselves, what are we going to do this summer with only the Blue Jays and TFC for us to cover.

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Episode breakdown:

Segment 1
We start off with the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors and follow what they did to be successful. Ponder if a healthy Cavs team would have been enough to keep pace with the champs. Leads into the MVP discussion and we are in agreement that with all due respect for Andre Iguodala the award should have gone to Lebron James despite being the loser. Point being he led both team in points, assists and rebounds.

Segment 2
We move on to the Stanley Cup Champions Chicago Blackhawks. They have now won three Cups in six years and we throw out the “dynasty” word. We also debate to see if there is a fourth cup in their future. We talk about how close the series was with no team ever leading by two goals until very late into the third period of the sixth game.

Segment 3
We move away from championships and discuss local summer teams with regards to the Blue Jays and TFC. We see how both teams are doing well and someone tries to bring up the word playoffs, but POP won’t have anything to do with it and officially bans any playoff talk until at least August.