As The Heel Turns – episode 9

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As The Heel Turns – episode 9

The boys are back in town after their time covering the 2015 Pan American Games and they are forced to deal with a strange new world without “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

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Episode 9 breakdown

Segment 1:
Nothing like a segment-by-segment breakdown of Monday Night RAW to get back into the swing of things: Seth Rollins’ promo skills, the Randy Orton/Cesaro/Kevin Owens triple threat, the perils of world title inflation, Owens vs. management, the rebranding of the Submission Sorority, the continued rise of The New Day and Big E’s fresh dance moves, the Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns bromance, Bray Wyatt and his inane feuds, the unique appeal of Luke Harper, Stephen Amell, Rusev and the fish, and the under-appreciated Summer Rae.

Segment 2:
The Tough Enough revival drudges on and the crew continues to sail the murky waters for your pleasure. Even John Cena can’t seem to shake the show from its doldrums. Are we really about to accept Sara Lee and ZZ as our next WWE Superstars? Pop compares Sara Lee to Miss Elizabeth. Yeah.

Segment 3:
A brief rundown of the August 23 Smash Wrestling card, Super Showdown III. We look ahead to Candice LeRae challenging Johnny Gargano for the Smash Wrestling Championship and the possibility of a female wrestler holding the promotion’s top title.