As The Heel Turns – episode 12

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As The Heel Turns – episode 12

The most progressive professional wrestling podcast rolls on with a report on the 2015 edition of Smash Wrestling’s CANUSA Classic. Featuring the ATHT boys (including a returning Connor Dorion) reflecting on the all-female card, interviews with Courtney Rush and Kimber Lee, and ideas for where Smash Wrestling can go from here.

Then we complain about RAW as usual, while also showing our appreciation for the greatest act in professional wrestling today: The New Day.

Episode 12 breakdown

Segment 1:
We go up and down the CANUSA card, highlighting some of our old favourites and some newcomers. Topics include the paradox of being a “good” referee (shout out to Jimmy Korderas), the mystery of KC Spinelli and the missing beer, and Kimber Lee’s dislocated shoulder.

Segment 2:
Praise for two particularly spectacular matches featuring Candice LeRae/Jennifer Blake and Courtney Rush/Jessicka Havok. We hear from Courtney herself as to why she isn’t on Twitter anymore and then put forth the idea of a Smash Wrestling women’s championship.

Segment 3:
With so much of Smash Wrestling’s talent moving on to the big show, we wonder what that means for the future of the company. Would bringing back the Cruiserweight Title help some of the incoming performers? Also, some much needed love for the unappreciated (and dastardly) TARIK.

Pop and Connor look forward to Anarchy in Angus 13: Big Trouble in Little Angus, a wrestling show in Angus, Ontario in support of the Special Olympics.

Segment 4:

Segment 5:
What else can go wrong with three hour RAWs? Ratings are plummeting and fan interest is waning, but why? Repetitive booking and questionable choices revolving around the main event have the boys pulling their hair out. WE NEED MORE TROMBONE.

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Watch our feature on the first Centennial Sports TV episode of the season (wrestling begins around the 21:45 mark).

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