As The Heel Turns – episode 18

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As The Heel Turns – episode 18

Just when you thought the As The Heel Turns crew was down and out, we manage to get our feet up on the ropes. It is a historic episode as Pop and Big Al are joined in the booth for the first time by an actual wrestler: Smash Wrestling star Sebastian Suave!

Episode 18 breakdown

Segment 1:
Sebastian introduces himself and tells us about the kinds of things that go into organizing an independent wrestling show. A recent expansion into London, Ontario presented a whole new set of challenges. And we nerd out over the new “Infinity” wrestling project.

Segment 2:
We discuss the difficulties of managing different kinds of wrestling audiences, from kids to adults to “smarks”. Then Sebastian gets the opportunity to talk about some of his favourite opponents (including NXT Superstar Johnny Gargano, Tyson Dux, and Chris Hero), how to handle bad promoters, and the poor car pool etiquette of Brent Banks.

Segment 3:
How does an independent company survive when their talent can be scooped up by the WWE without a moment’s notice? Sebastian explains the pluses and minuses of building up talent and having that talent be associated with larger promotions.

Segment 4:
Pop and Sebastian bond over fatherhood, particularly how to deal with your kid thinking that you’re “uncool”.

Segment 5:
We wrap up with questions about the other Smash Wrestling performers: Who has the worst taste in food? Who is the funniest? Who gets the most attention from the opposite sex?

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A special thanks again to Sebastian Suave for taking the time to join us in the booth.

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Check out the next Infinity taping at Harmony Hall in Oshawa on Dec. 27 and then the first ever “Smash Wrestling vs. CZW” event at the Franklin Horner Community Centre in Etobicoke on Jan. 16.