As The Heel Turns – WrestleMania 32

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As The Heel Turns – WrestleMania 32

The crew gets together for a thorough breakdown of WrestleMania 32 this Sunday. Match predictions, analysis, and what it all could mean for the future of the WWE!

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Episode 23 breakdown

An in-depth breakdown of the WWE’s annual extravaganza:

  • can the wrestling talent overcome the lacklustre storylines they’ve been given?
  • can Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch steal the show? will the other Divas ruin it?
  • seriously, there’s a lot of women wrestler talk (as usual)
  • we do our best to try and explain the appeal of some of the lesser regarded matches on the show
  • looking ahead to an intriguing Undertaker/Shane McMahon match that makes ZERO sense
  • plenty of discussion about what is sure to be a hellacious Dean Ambrose/Brock Lesnar match: who should win? what kind of hardcore activity can we expect? and is Ambrose actually going to use a chainsaw on Brock?
  • will the polarizing Roman Reigns finally have his WrestleMania moment? will the WWE Universe let him? and will Triple H have his most ridiculously over-the-top entrance yet?
  • we close out with quick picks of who will win each match

And remember, enjoy WrestleMania responsibly!

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