And the winners are… CLIX 2016

The Story Arts Centre’s annual CLIX photography awards were handed out April 6 in the Corridor Gallery, the Centennial College campus’s exhibition space.

More than 40 students and a handful of faculty/staff from a wide variety of program areas submitted more than 130 photos in six categories.

And the winners are…

Nature/Landscapes // 1st place
Brenda Linhares
Photo title: Solitude

Nature/Landscapes // 2nd place
Leigh Cavanaugh
Photo title: Kilt Rock

Nature/Landscapes // Honourable mention
Leigh Cavanaugh
Photo title: Dew

Nature/Landscapes // Honourable mention
Liam Racine
Photo title: The Garden Flower

Portrait // 1st place
Jermaine Williams
Photo title: In Smartphone We Trust

Portrait // 2nd place
Yvano Antonio
Photo title: Snowday

Sports // 1st place
Jacqueline Thetsombandith
Photo title: A Jays Victory

Sports // 2nd place
Ryan Andrews
Photo title: Gignac Attack

Life, Arts & News // 1st place
Ashley Bruzas
Photo title: Outside Looking In

Life, Arts & News // 2nd place
Nathan Vaz
Photo title: Trudeau rallies support in Ajax

Android/iPhone // 1st place
Amanda Osiecki
Photo title: Downtown Storm

Android/iPhone // 2nd place
Fareen Karim
Photo title: Colourful Storm

Faculty/Staff // 1st place
Tobi Asmoucha
Photo title: Porto Night

Faculty/Staff // 2nd place
Tobi Asmoucha
Photo title: Lisbon Race

A big thank you to our judges:

  • Henry Wong – VP/CD @ Tenzing
  • Marni Goldman – Sr. TV Prod @ Shaw Media
  • Barbara Adhiya – Sr. Editor @ Reuters
  • John Montgomery – Art Director, Canadian Business & MoneySense Magazine, Rogers Media

And a big thank you to our sponsors: