As The Heel Turns – episode 25

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As The Heel Turns – episode 25

The crew is a minus-one this week as the most handsome man, Connor Dorion, was not able to attend. Big Al and Pop are taking a liking to this ‘new era’ in the WWE even if it’s the same as an ‘old era’ that we recall.

Episode 25 breakdown

We are two weeks into the Shane McMahon regime and it tastes refreshing:

  • We start with some of the old fogeys in Jericho/Ambrose and Wyatt/Reigns.  Two years into their WWE careers and we consider these people already old!
  • Token mention that League of Nations is one of the worst factions ever and how proud we are of Rusev taking his punishment
  • We talk women’s wrestling…sort of, as Dr. Phil was sprinkled throughout the show.  We realize how much we miss Connor’s Total Divas input
  • We connect our RAW optimism to the “New Generation”/pre-Attitude era where so many new, relatively unfamiliar wrestlers got an opportunity.  This led to legends such as Stone Cold, The Rock, Mick Foley, DX and others.
  • Pop and Al get into disagreement over whether or not Kevin Owens was robbed of his rematch
  • WWE properly booking Cesaro and how he is taking full advantage of it both in and out of the ring
  • Is Sami Zayn heading down the same injury filled career as Daniel Bryan?
  • We dissect the Tag Team Tournament and are concerned that Apollo Crews may be better suited with more time at NXT before coming to the main roster.
  • This springboards us into this week’s fantastic NXT show: Nakamura debuts, Gargano and Ciampa tag up and we discuss Bayley, Tessa Blanchard and Liv Morgan
  • We are pleasantly surprised this is our 25th episode and end on an earth shattering question!

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