Centennial Sports TV – September 12, 2017

Tune in to our first edition of Centennial Sports TV 2017, as our anchors Eric Friesen and Ben Holmes introduce sports-related topics such as: Ryerson baseball and fastpitch; the Toronto Wolfpack capturing their first championship; commuting from the Story Arts Centre to Progress campus for sports being worth it; and much more!

Producer: Erin Moore
Assignment Editor: Vivek Jacob
Director: Emma Mason

Reporting, Editing and Technical Work:
– Alex Johnson
– Eric Friesen
– Gabriel Ephard
– Papa Minnow
– Mike DiStefano
– Ben Holmes
– Tristan Fitzpatrick
– Erin Moore
– Emma Mason
– Vivek Jacob
– Kaylin Bean
– Jessica Ng
– R.J Stacey

Executive Producers:
– Kathy Barnes
– P.J Kwong