Aunty B & Friends | Do You Know Aunty B? [PRESCHOOL TEASER]

Oh, Aunty B is a groovy gal and funny too, she teaches our friends how to tie their shoes, you’ll learn with others near and far and her best friend Tommy, well, he’s a good friend to us all.

In the Small Neat Village where people sing and dance we learn our ABC’s and sing our 123’s, but most importantly, we teach kindness and love to all our groovy friends in need!

Thanks for coming on the journey with us, as we grow from live theatre to the safety of your homes.

This is a safe and educational kids show and learning space for children ages 2-4, where co-viewing is fun and exciting! Through music, dance, and song.

Our life-size puppets are uniquely diverse and inclusive for the whole family to enjoy!

Stay Tuned and of course Stay Groovy My Friends!

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