The Journal – April 8, 2019

On this edition of The Journal we examine the spirit of competition.

We take part in a singing competition and we even have a little competition of our own.

We hang out in a pinball arcade that doubles as a safe space for women.

And we talk to some masters of the martial arts.

But first we meet two people competing to achieve their dreams.

The Crew:

Hosts: Keisha Beattie, Shivang Thapar, Bosco da Costa
Executive Producers: Chris Terry, David Bradshaw, Jeannette Loakman
Producer: Jason Weatherby
Associate Producer: Krissy Myers, Mauro de Souza, Shivang Thapar, Handrea Santos
Writers: Mauro de Souza, Jason Weatherby
Director: Antonio Dias
Production Manager: Shivang Thapar
Technical Director: Julia Arruda
Floor Director: Mauro de Souza
Chyron: Juan Conde
Cameras: Gabriella Kim, Eilidh McDonald, Valetina Villa, Sarah Gordon
Audio Director: Abigail Trainor
Audio Assistant: Vivian Patruno
Teleprompter: Krissy Myers
Production Assistant: Colin Walker