The Journal – April 17, 2019

This week’s episode of The Journal covers a wide variety of documentaries. From a fear of heights to long distance relationships, this week’s episode will give you a taste of everything.

Documentaries showcased in this episode:

Brandon Gets High
This documentary is about Brandon being afraid of heights and trying to conquer it by going to the CN Tower. Comedic Doc.
– Producer/Director: Brandon Gordon
– DOP/Camera Day 1: Robb De Rushe
– DOP/Camera Day 2: Josh Grundy
– Editor: Levan Graham

To Here From Helsinki
Josh’s friend Chris is dating a girl named Jasmin from Finland and in December she came to Canada for the first time to visit him. The doc is about the anticipation of her arrival and ends with him picking her up at the airport.
– Director/Editor: Josh Grundy
– Camera: Josh Grundy, Michael Parboodyal
– Special thanks: Aidan Popiel, Mariya Vasserman

Toronto Beaches Children and Youth Chorus
This documentary is about a choir in The Beach for kids aged 5 all the way to 19 that join together to sing songs of many different genres, teaching kids the art of music and dramatic arts.
– Producer/Director/Camera/Editor: Haley Alaggia
– Camera: Ross Barnes-Brisley
– Sound: Levan Graham

Mental Health: Psychosis
It’s about Troye and him suffering from post concussion psychosis
Director/Producer/Camera/Editor: Talen Potts

Switching Gears
A profile of Stephen Amos, a chef for the last 12 years who is trying to follow his dream of becoming a basketball and soccer coach.
– Producer: Bianca Mattison
– Camera: Bianca Mattison, Ricky Chiu
– Sound: Ricky Chiu
– Editors: Juan Conde Garcia, Bianca Mattison, Ricky Chiu

Learning to Save Lives
Following a nurse during a mock disaster event at Centennial College. This documentary showcases the event that allows students be put into a real world situation, in this case, nursing.
– Director/Producer: Jarren kerr
– Editor: Bryan Ramgoolam
– Camera: Talen Potts, Bryan Ramgoolam, Jason Weatherby, Bosco Da Costa

Education Is Our Right
The Ford administration’s austerity policies on education are bound to affect the quality of education in Ontario. On Monday April 4th many students came out against these measures and made themselves heard.
– Producer: Juan Conde
– Camera: Juan Conde, Ricky Chiu, Bianca Mattison
– Editor: Juan Conde
– Special thanks: Marco LaGrotta, Alex Grant

The Crew:

Hosts: Robb De Rushe & Ashley Fleischer
Senior Show Producer: Bryan Ramgoolam
Writer: Jarren Kerr
Live/packaging producer: Seth Potts
Social Media Producer: Inho Kang
Director: Talen Potts
Prod. asst/AD: Jarren Kerr
Tech. Director: Haley Alaggia
Graphics and Server PO: Aidan Popiel
CCU/Lighting: Ross Barnes-Brisley
Audio: Josh Grundy
Audio Asst.: Inho Kang
Prompter: Bianca Mattison
Floor manager: Brandon Gordon
Cam 1: Riangelo Melaria
Cam 2: Michael Parbodyal
Cam 3: Ricky Chiu
Cam 4: Andrew Gilloch
TVA: Levan Graham