Change Your Story – with James Raiz

James Raiz, a brand, a businessman and an online influencer with a following of 1.1 million YouTube subscribers and over 120 million views.

On January 28, James shared his journey to live his dream as an artist. It involved going against his parents’ wishes of becoming a doctor, multiple attempts to find the right art discipline, and working on the Marvel and Star Wars Franchises.

More About James

“The Box Office Artist,” is a Successful YouTuber and the CEO of James Raiz Media Incorporated which does Marketing Artwork for Walt Disney Studios and the YouTube Streamy Awards, and has Brand deals with Wacom, Sakura and Strathmore. His professional experience as an artist includes comic book artist for Marvel, DC Comics & IDW, and Visual Effects artist on movies Watchmen, Percy Jackson, Fast and the Furious Franchise. He currently teaches at the Story Arts Centre.