The Journal – April 20, 2022

This episode of The Journal covers international food and culture, mind over matter mentality, and music and local street art from Toronto.

With our hosts, Sammy Wengle and Claire Bullock, we meet Anna Georgia Sapon, an immigrant from the Philippines, and learn what she does to keep the feeling of home in her home away from home. Then we look at a Portuguese tart called Natas and how to make it. Next we look at the mind of Maalik Mckenzie and what drives him to think the way he does. Then we go to the studio of a music producer and how he makes his music. Finally, we look at some art from downtown Toronto and Portsmouth, England, before the show ends with a special performance.


  • Senior Show Producer: Jaiden Maghirang
  • Director: Alessio Zolezzi
  • Writer: Kevin Costa
  • Packaging Producer: Syed Talha Atif
  • Social Media Producer: Calvin Johnson
  • Hosts: Sammy Wengle, Claire Bullock



  • Directed and produced by Jaiden Maghirang
  • Featuring: Anna Georgia Sapon
  • Music by LukRembo 

Too Many Yolks

  • Directed and produced by Kevin Costa
  • Featuring: Marie-Helene Figueiredo & Amelia Moereira
  • Music by LukRembo 

Fat Kids

  • Directed and produced by Calvin Johnson
  • Featuring: Maalik Mckenzie
  • Music by CheckPlease! & Calvin Moon 

Prod. By Aloe

  • Directed and produced by Syed Talha Atif
  • Featuring: Alexavier Samuels
  • Music by Aloe 

Walk Together

  • Directed by Jaiden Maghirang
  • Camera operator: Kevin Costa
  • Sound Recordist: Syed Talha Atif
  • Editor: Calvin Johnson
  • Special thanks to Portsmouth students 

The Journal is a show that airs annually, where broadcasting students from generation to generation are able to showcase a compilation of their best documentary films. With each year brings a new set of talented students, who share the same creative desire to become masters in the art of filmmaking.

The Journal is 30 minutes of live television, written, produced and performed solely by students in their fourth semester of Centennial College’s Broadcasting program which covers Film, Television, Radio & Digital Media. Students are placed in a real TV studio, equipped with state-of-the-art cameras and high-performance lighting. The show occurs in real time, as students intensely prepare for the big day to simulate Live Television and experience troubleshooting during high-pressure situations.