2023 Dean’s Awards

The 2023 School of Communications, Media, Arts and Design Dean’s Awards were handed out during a ceremony on Thursday, April 20, 2023.

The following awards are presented to students in each of our programs:

Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence
This award is given out to the student in his or her graduating class who has achieved the highest GPA.

Dean’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award
This award is given to a student or small team of students in any semester who: is an independent thinker; takes the initiative in identifying and creating an opportunity; accepts the associated risks; in doing so establishes value for themselves and others.

Peter Dickinson Award
Peter Dickinson was the lead architect for this building, The Story Arts Centre. The building was originally built as the Toronto Teachers’ College in the early 1950s and received a Massey Medal for Architecture. This award is given to a student who: challenges convention; is not afraid to challenge thinking, including the thinking in his or her classes; thinks out of the box and is an “outlier” who is highly creative.