June 5, 2024 | 6-8 p.m. | SAC RM 191
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“Design is Storytelling.”
—Ellen Lupton, interaction-design.org

Experience AmongUX and hear the stories behind the projects, and the stories that drive each project. Each year, Centennial College’s Interactive Media Management students come up with an idea for an interactive media product, and throughout the semester, use storytelling techniques to take their idea from concept to prototype.

Join us on Wednesday, June 5 from 6 to 8 p.m. in room 191 at the Story Arts Centre. Until then, browse through their work, connect with students, and discover the next generation of interactive media professionals, ready to move the industry forward through storytelling and design thinking.

Amanda Crasto


Visage is your personalized skincare app, designed to simplify routines and empower users. With tailored recommendations, routine tracking, face scanning, and a supportive community forum, Visaga users achieve healthier, happier skin with ease!

Visage app smartphone mockup poster
Created by Amanda Crasto with Mockup from unblast.com
PedalPal app smartphone mockup poster
Created by Ayca Zirh with images from alamy.com
Ayca Zirh


PedalPal is a mobile app that enhances cyclists’ overall experience by allowing them to create personalized routes with real-time information and live locations of fellow cyclists, facilitating informed and engaging journey decisions. The platform seeks a one-stop solution providing safe and enjoyable routes and connection with the cycling community.

Daniel Ford

Impact Travels

Impact Travels is a mobile app reimagining vacation planning for eco-conscious travellers. It offers curated eco-tourism experiences that prioritize sustainability, environmental protection, community development, and cultural exchange. Say goodbye to traditional vacations and hello to meaningful adventures that make a positive impact.

Impact Travels app smartphone mockup poster
Photo by Rock Staar on Unsplash
HomEase app smartphone mockup poster
Divyanshu, 2024
Divyanshu Lamba


Discover HomEase, the ultimate mobile app for all your home service needs. From cleaning to plumbing and beauty treatments, connect with verified professionals effortlessly. Experience easy booking, transparent pricing, and reliable service. Simplify your life with HomEase – your go-to solution for trusted home services.

Dunni Onasanya


FitGuide is a universal sizing recommendation tool. Users input their body measurements once—manually or via quick scan—and FitGuide does the rest. With brand sizing chart analysis, it offers personalized sizing recommendations as you shop on any online store.

FitGuide website mockup poster
Dunni, 2024
CarXplain app smartphone mockup poster
Created by Jacqueline Kan with images from vectorpouch and freepik
Jacqueline Kan


When was the last time you pulled out your car user manual? Do you even know where it is? CarXplain empowers you to be an informed and safer driver by simplifying car manual content and delivering personalized car information exactly when you need it—without all the technical jargon.

Jiayu Xu


TattooPal is a responsive website that facilitates successful tattoo experiences by connecting tattoo getters with reputable tattoo artists. Users can book tattoo services with a specific artist through the platform after browsing their tattoo designs, self-introductions and client reviews.

TattooPal website screengrab
Created by Jiayu Xu with images from https://outsons.com/amazing-snake-tattoo-ideas/
Comerce app smartphone mockup poster
Jingyi, 2024
Jingyi Hua


The Connect & Commerce app merges social media with a marketplace, allowing users to join communities, buy and sell products, and engage in secure transactions. With messaging and group chats, it fosters trust and streamlines interactions, creating a safe and vibrant platform for social interaction and commerce.

Kartik Handa

Prep My Day

Introducing Prep My Day: Gamify your tasks with a culinary twist. Designed for tech-savvy young adults, this app turns daily tasks into engaging culinary challenges. Complete tasks to earn points and level up your virtual kitchen while mastering productivity.

Prep My Day app promo poster
Kartik, 2024
Fandom Artisans app mockup promo poster
miHoYo Co., Ltd official imagery and fandom merch
Lana Anisimova

Fandom Artisans

Fandom Artisans is a web platform that connects talented artisans and fandom enthusiasts. It offers a vibrant community where users can explore unique hand-crafted items, commission custom pieces, and support artists in their creative journey.

Leví J. Vivas C.


Naboo is the e-learning application that teaches you how to use storytelling for work or school, in a fun way and for just 15 minutes a day! Naboo provides personalized bite-sized lessons that feel like a game, you’ll earn badges and level up while gaining real-world relational skills.

Naboo app mockup promo poster
Mock-ups from Easy Mockups, Illustration from Icons8.com
Sportsgo app mockup promo poster
Liz Lam, 2024
Liz Lam


Sportsgo is a sports community platform designed to empower adult sports beginners with the resources and companionship needed to start their sports journey. Through this platform, users can confidently and securely connect with like-minded sports companions, share sports experiences, schedule sports activities, and manage venue bookings.

Mandy Tse


Frustrated with searching TikTok and Google for somewhere fun to go? Bored with your neighbourhood walks? Then you need dawdle! dawdle is a mobile app that allows you to enhance your walking experience to foster the discovery of nearby interests through personalized route suggestions, adding flair to your open-ended walk.

dawdle app mockup promo poster
Mandy Tse, 2024
Baking Lab platform mockup promo image
Mandy Yau

The Baking Lab

The Baking Lab is an online learning platform designed to educate self-taught bakers with no to moderate experience on the basics and science of baking. It provides a free, dynamic, and engaging learning experience through interactive and gamified modules.

Navritpal Singh


The FitMate is designed for online clothing shoppers who struggle with inconsistent sizing charts across different brands. Users input their body measurements once, which the platform then uses across various e-commerce sites. This simplifies finding the right size and removes the need to decipher sizing charts or remember measurements.

FitMate app smartphone mockup
Image source: https://mockups-design.com/free-iphone-13-pro-mockup/
My Way website mockup promo poster
Noni, 2024
Noyonika Goswami

My Way

My Way is a website that guides you to find the job of your dreams. From providing personalized search results to showing you the current wage trends, educational pathways and more- My Way empowers you with the knowledge needed to take that first step.

Romeo Martin Rosales


Wanderpath is an app aimed at travel influencers and content creators to help them manage their time resources and find destinations for their content through discovery. It helps users discover suitable locations based on their content niche and target audience, particularly when exploring new and unfamiliar destinations.

Wanderpath app mockup promo poster
Created by Romeo Martin J. Rosales
ConcertBud app mockup promo poster
Image by Valeria Coello
Valeria Coello


Don’t miss out on any of your long-awaited concerts ever again! Connect with potential concert plus-ones who share your passion for a specific artist/band. A platform to discover music compatibility among friends or new connections through a Spotify/Apple Music integration. Discover matches, chat, and plan your upcoming concert!

Warda Ahmed


Welcome to SwAIp, a platform that uncovers the ethical impact of AI in art. Swipe through images, decide if they’re human-made or AI-generated, and learn about bias, distortion, and copyright. Explore the stories behind human artists and deepen your understanding of the importance of the human touch.

SwAIp platform promo poster
Created by Warda Ahmed with images from flaticon.com and canva


“Design is Storytelling.”
—Ellen Lupton, interaction-design.org

Experience AmongUX and hear the stories behind the projects, and the stories that drive each project. Each year, Centennial College’s Interactive Media Management students come up with an idea for an interactive media product, and throughout the semester, use storytelling techniques to take their idea from concept to prototype.