October 19, 2023 | 6-8 p.m. | SAC RM 241
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“True interactivity is not about clicking on icons or downloading files, it’s about encouraging communication.”
—Ed Schlossberg, interaction-design.org

With that in mind, the graduating class of Centennial College’s Interactive Media Management program is proud to bring you Beyond Clicks, a showcase of the work students have done throughout the year. During their time in the program, students have been exploring how to create interactive media products that connect with people and their needs.

Join us in person on Thursday, October 19 from 6 to 8 p.m. in room 241 at the Story Arts Centre to explore the world of interactivity at Beyond Clicks.

Until then, browse through their work, connect with students, and discover the next generation of design thinkers.

Adeeba Khanam


“Daastaan” aims to serve three purposes: first, to preserve Urdu literature; second, to educate people about Urdu Language, poetry, and culture. And third, to inspire by providing a platform where budding Urdu writers and artists can collaborate with established writers and artists, and be a part of the community.

Daastaan app poster
Adeeba Khanam, 2023
Pet-Go app promo
Alita Joshi, 2023
Alita Joshi


Pet-Go revolutionizes pet care with its sharing economy app. From pet-sitters to trainers, we connect owners to comprehensive services for all pets. Embracing inclusivity, we cater to every size and rarity, offering in-home check-ups, pet transport, and more. Pet-Go: Your one-stop solution for all your pet’s needs.

Angela Chan


Yonderful is a yoga learning platform which helps yoga beginners experiencing uncertainty in approaching yoga with personalised, easy-to-follow yoga tutorials and expert guidance to achieve their yoga learning goals.

Yonderful app promo image
Unsplash, Pexels, AloBlog, video by YanvaYoga, video by Annie Moves on alomoves
ROAM Glamping app promo image
Canva & www.cntraveler.com/galleries/2016-07-05/7-tents-youll-actually-want-to-camp-in
Anita Srivastava

ROAM Glamping

ROAM Glamping is your gateway to unique, immersive travel experiences. We connect adventure enthusiasts with personalized glamping adventures in stunning natural settings. Discover distinctive destinations, cozy accommodations, and exciting local experiences. Our user-friendly platform ensures a seamless booking process, making your journey memorable from start to finish.

Ankita Roy


Scholar-Aid is a website for international students that provides access to information regarding scholarship programs and financial aid based on their preferred field of study and institutes, to address the lack of centralized and easily accessible resources while streamlining the search process for students seeking financial assistance for their education.

Scholar-Aid app promo image
Created by Ankita Roy
BabyGo app promo image
photo source: https://www.babylist.com/hello-baby/baby-essentials
Chen Yao


BabyGo presents an excellent opportunity to obtain discounts on these essential items. BabyGo caters specifically to moms, especially new moms, allowing them to purchase baby essentials at discounted prices. The application operates on a business-to-business model, connecting buyers with sellers for a seamless shopping experience.

Chris Li


Fosteroo is an innovative online platform that matches pet owners with temporary foster homes, ensuring pets receive the care they need during transitions. Our platform promotes animal welfare and supports pet owners during life changes by simplifying pet fostering. Join now to foster a brighter future for pets!

Fosteroo promo image
image: Freepik.com
Cindy Cheng, 2023
Cindy Cheng

Foster Pawty

A mobile platform as an NGO solution to revolutionize pet adoptions with streamlined efficiency and improved overall communication between the NGO company, foster homes, and adopters.

Clarice Lam


Sumday is a mental well-being application dedicated to empowering you with mood tracking, personalized self-care tools, and professional support. Sumday’s mission is to foster emotional awareness, encourage self-care practices, and enhance your confidence in managing your mental well-being.

Designed by Freepik
Danya Arora 2023
Danya Arora


Flavornet is an app designed to assist international individuals living in Canada to discover and connect with grocery stores that sell ingredients and food items from their native cuisine. The app goes beyond this, by adding extra features like a database of authentic recipes, meal planning tools, and grocery list production, all of which are intended to make it more convenient for users to recreate meals from their native countries.

Devika Chalakkaran


Lethologica is a dedicated platform where users can immerse themselves in the world of poetry, share their original compositions, receive insightful feedback from fellow poets, and connect with a vibrant community of writers.

Lethologica app promo image
Devika Chalakkaran 2023
computer-generated image of a person at a self checkout
Dicky Chu 2023
Dicky Pak Yin Chu


YDNH (You Don’t Need Help) , a self-checkout system for supermarkets, uses computer vision to simplify scanning, improve user experience, and boost corporate efficiency. It addresses bagging space limitations, complex scanning, and unintuitive interfaces, ensuring a seamless checkout experience for customers.

Elizabeth Aquino


Bree is a mobile system that allows married couples consolidated all their bank accounts in one platform. The features also include intelligent alerts as well as interactions that will earn them rewards. The goal of the app is to foster harmony over married couples’ relationship towards their financial management. The prototype will you through the flow of bank consolidation and setting up a budget.

Bree app promo image
Elizabeth Aquino
Communiti app promo image
Free mockup from Freepik
Fredy Jackson


Communiti is a neighbourhood navigation app designed to transform community involvement. It is an interactive digital platform that allows users to discover and interact with their local communities while also providing real-time information about local activities, events, and safety alerts.

Gaurav Sapkota


Comparoo is a platform that harnesses the power of data to simplify shopping decisions. Comparoo empowers users to make informed choices and save big by providing real-time price data from numerous retailers, personalized recommendations and savings tracking. It’s your go-to shopping partner for a smarter, more rewarding shopping experience.

Comparoo app promo image
Gaurav Sapkota 2023
Furma mockup promo poster
Gunjan Chauhan 2023
Gunjan Chauhan


Furma redefines furniture shopping through its app, offering personalized choices and promoting sustainability. It tackles frustrations like overwhelming options, assisting users in finding furniture that matches their style and needs. Furma also advocates responsible disposal methods, minimizing environmental waste and fostering a circular economy.

Hiral Amar Thaker

LeanGreen: Helping You Neutralize Your Carbon Footprint

LeanGreen aims to help users become aware of how their daily life actions and decisions affect climate change. The application focuses on calculating the carbon emissions from the kitchen appliances, hydro (electricity), and water bills. Further, the application will recommend to users different ways they can balance their carbon footprints.

LeanGreen logo
Hiral Amar Thaker, 2023
Xplore app promo image
Ipsa Medhavi, 2023
Ipsa Medhavi


Xplore is a mobile app designed to provide users with comprehensive travel information. The app aims to address the issue of fragmented travel information by offering a unified platform that combines virtual travel guides, travel bookings, navigation, translation, currency conversion, safety information, personalized information, and social sharing features. The app enhances the travel experience by providing convenience, efficiency, and a wealth of information in a single platform, catering to modern travellers’ needs.

Jennifer Fraser

Morphic Dreams Studios

Morphic Dreams Studios places accessibility at the forefront of game development while valuing transparency and advocating for industry-wide accessibility standards by crafting inclusive video games. The website houses an accessibility database, helping users find games tailored to their needs, and fosters a supportive community hub.

Morphic Dreams Studios promo image
Jennifer Fraser, 2023
QuickEats app promo image
Jyotroop Singh 2023
Jyotroop Singh


QuickEats is an innovative mobile app designed to simplify meal planning, reduce food waste, and enhance the cooking experience. Using AI technology, it scans your fridge’s contents and offers personalized recipes. With an in-app grocery list and a focus on personalization, QuickEats makes home cooking enjoyable and sustainable.

Khushi Thakur


Intraverse is a platform tailored for introverts, aiming to alleviate social anxiety and cater to their preferences. It provides a user-centric experience, fostering a supportive community and bridging the gap in available resources and social networks for introverts in an extroverted world.

Intraverse app promo image
Source: Intravser2023
My Eden app promo image
Source: Khyati Sethi, 2023
Khyati Sethi

My Eden

My Eden app is a tracking application that lets users be notified whenever their plants need watering and connect them with experts. This platform aims to motivate users to take care of their plant babies. It has to provide useful information about growing plants, build a care schedule and show progress in order to encourage users to continue working on their good habits.

Lilian Lau


MyChair is a mobile application that empowers wheelchair users by helping them better understand their needs and goals for their new wheelchairs and facilitating communication with their healthcare providers. They can also access their previous wheelchair records for reference to make more informed decisions regarding their mobility aids.

MyChair app promo image
Lilian Lau, 2023
Billaur app promo image
Mahika Singh 2023
Mahika Singh


Billaur’s mission is to bridge the gap between gemstone enthusiasts and a deeper understanding of gemstones’ spiritual significance while addressing the challenges of cultural taboos associated with their use. The project’s aim is to provide a trusted platform that offers comprehensive information, expert guidance, and a supportive community to empower individuals in their spiritual journey and create a harmonious and culturally sensitive space for gemstone exploration. By promoting awareness, education, and cultural sensitivity, Billaur will seek to transform how people perceive and incorporate gemstones into their lives, fostering personal growth, well-being, and a deeper connection to nature’s energy.

Manthan Thakkar

Comic Verse

Comic Verse is a user-centric comic book platform that offers personalized recommendations via interactive quizzes. It focuses on clean content structuring, consistency, chronological order, and provides vital details for comic book purchases and local events.

ComicVerse promo image
Background Image Source: Unsplash
Close app promo image
Created by Miki Wing Yi Kan
Miki Wing Yi Kan


Inspired by common relationship struggles, Close aims to bring couples closer by eliminating communication discomfort, fostering face-to-face communication, and igniting the spark in your relationships. It provides personalized date ideas, engaging relationship quizzes, and immersive conversations tailored to your unique bond, all aimed at achieving long-term relationship satisfaction.

Natchana Boonsarng

FridgeMate - Fridge Management App

A mobile application that provides reliable on-the-go vegetable shelf life and storage tips along with grocery management features. Save your time from browsing and choosing information on other platforms, save your food from going spoiled unnoticing, and save your money from food waste.

FridgeMate app promo image
Natchana Boonsarng, 2023
Care Sync app promo image
Nathan Thomas 2023
Nathan Thomas

Care Sync

Care Sync is a platform that empowers senior care through precise medication reminders and seamless goal tracking. Tailored for the elderly, it ensures timely medication intake and ensures users achieve health goals with ease, promoting an enhanced quality of life.

Owen Qian

QCY Rental Property Management Platform

The senior project is a property rental management platform that helps landlords to manage rental-related tasks. The platform prioritizes clear communication between landlords and tenants, reduces vacancy rates, streamlines tenant screening processes, simplifies the paperwork, and provides user-friendly explanations of legal terms.

Owen Qian 2023
WhatTOEat app promo image
Ranee Ho, 2023
Ranee Ho


WhatTOEat is an all-rounded mobile app that gathers the latest information of restaurants located in Toronto, including addresses, contacts, maps, comments, photos, menus etc. For everyone in Canada, WhatTOEat provides more user-friendly functions and more accurate information to help you choose the most satisfactory, delicious and authentic dining experience.

Riya Khurana

Campus Wallet

Campus Wallet is a comprehensive college ID card app that simplifies campus life by integrating fund management, meal plans, hostel access, parking passes, and library reminders into one user-friendly platform.
The target users for this project are the students of Centennial College who find it difficult to look for resources and features provided by the college.

Campus Wallet app promo image
Riya Khurana 2023
ClosetCo promo image
Image Source: Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash
Roxanne Lacap


Say goodbye to fashion woes and hello to effortless style. ClosetCo is your new ultimate fashion companion that redefines your style game with a touch of AI magic. Plan outfits, organize your closet, and conquer sustainable fashion like a pro. Ready to upgrade your wardrobe with a chic twist?

Ruchi Turbadkar


Creativision is a cutting-edge platform that connects enthusiastic clients with aspiring interior designers and architects. It encourages innovation and teamwork, aiding designers in developing their portfolios and establishing valuable professional connections while enabling clients to take an active part in the design process. Together, they give life to visionary spaces.

Creativision promo image
RuchiT 2023
Cozy Cove app promo image
Saijanani 2023
Saijanani Ganapathy

Cozy Cove

Cozy Cove is a mobile application for foreign students in Toronto that provides personalized housing searches as well as extensive policy information. It stresses user authentication, resulting in a safe and trustworthy community. The app has extensive filters for location and room choices, as well as important information about Toronto’s housing rules, making it a vital resource for students.

Sambit Mohanty


RePlay is a digital platform that revolutionizes the toy market by facilitating the buying and selling of quality, gently-used toys. The platform prioritizes sustainability and affordability and offers parents an eco-friendly alternative to continually purchasing new toys while helping them declutter effortlessly.

RePlay promo image
PCOS Diet Mate app promo image
Created by Sandra
Sandra Samuel

PCOS Diet Mate

PCOS Diet Mate empowers women with PCOD/PCOS to
transition into a healthier lifestyle by actively managing their diet. Inspired by personal experience, my app simplifies
adherence to PCOS-friendly diets, enabling women to take
control of their lives.

Shakilo M

Creator Central

Meet Creator Central, the platform that aims to bridge the gap between influencers with brands through an affiliate-based platform.

We are on a mission to empower content creators to make an additional income, promoting the products they love, whilst helping brands be in tune with the latest trends within a localized audience.Content creators drive our platform and we want to be the platform that cares about their core needs. This is why, in addition to brand deals, our platform enables you to sell digital products such as art, eBooks, Podcasts, Music, Guides, Templates & Presets, Video Guides

Creator Central promo image
Shakilo M, 2023
L.E.A.R.N. app promo image
Shaurya Srivastava 2023
Shaurya Srivastava


The L.E.A.R.N. App, Transforming college campuses by connecting students with skills like playing instruments, painting, coding, and those who yearn to learn. Students become teachers, earning extra income while learners pay less, enjoying on-campus lessons during mutually convenient availability.

Sparsh Gulati

Flash App

Flash App addresses the challenge of college students struggling to connect and interact in large institutions. It fosters a vibrant college community by providing a platform for students to easily communicate, create events, and discover exclusive discounts at nearby businesses, enhancing their campus experience.

Flash App promo image
laptop and book on a desk
Image Source: Photo by Iewek Gnos on Unsplash
Tatiana Urosova

U GOT IT: study platform

Empower students with a personalized learning platform that adapts to their textbooks. Enhance comprehension, retention, and exam performance for a seamless academic journey.

Victor Lucas


Learn2Bet, Your Betting Education Platform. Dive into the world of online betting with our immersive Betting Academy. Explore Legal Resources and Player Protection for a safe experience. Elevate your betting game today!

Learn2Bet promo image
Created by Victor Lucas
Museus app promo image
Yoyo Wong, 2023
Yoyo Wong


The Museus project is initiated to address a significant gap in the cultural exploration landscape within the vibrant city of Toronto. The app serves as a centralised platform, enabling effective exploration, community engagement, and event discovery, thus empowering users to immerse themselves in Toronto’s diverse cultural scene.

Yuneui Lee


24happyhour is a mobile application designed to make a positive impact on our planet and dining experiences. 24happyhour isn’t just another restaurant reservation app; it’s a solution. This innovative platform enables restaurant owners and diners to create sustainable, affordable dining options while reducing food waste.

24happyhour app promo image
Image source: Canva

Beyond Clicks

“True interactivity is not about clicking on icons or downloading files, it’s about encouraging communication.”
—Ed Schlossberg, interaction-design.org

With that in mind, the graduating class of Centennial College’s Interactive Media Management program is proud to bring you Beyond Clicks, a showcase of the work students have done throughout the year. During their time in the program, students have been exploring how to create interactive media products that connect with people and their needs.