IMMT Trade Show 2020
August 5 & 6, 2020   |   4-6 pm

On August 5 and 6, the graduating class of Centennial College’s Interactive Media Management program were live online to show off their accomplishments.

See their achievements here, and get to know a little bit about the next generation of design thinkers!

Aliaa Toellab


Helping newcomers understand the value of the Canadian dollar

A platform that aims to help new students in Canada that are unfamiliar with student discounts in restaurants/Supermarkets and the value of the Canadian dollar by providing recommendations for student discounts that restaurants/supermarkets offer.

Christian Ho


Regrowth supports victims of domestic violence by guiding them through the development of a safety plan strategy so that they can regain control of their lives

Diego Palacios


CAN-do website was an educative and marketed platform which was designed from scratch to develop a personal school project. CAN-do website tries to empower international students with immigration information. Users goal is to comprehend the difference between each migration statutes in Canada.

Fariha Fairuz

Kaia: Life in Cycles

Kaia is a mobile app for promoting women’s mental well-being by tracking menstrual cycle. It’s a platform that allows women to learn about psychosomatic impacts of menstrual cycle, let them track different phases of the cycle, and enable them to share their mood report with another person.

Greeshma Reddy M

A way

A website that provides essential information about countries such as Australia, Canada, the UK, and the USA to help newcomers (Immigrants/Visitors/International Students) get familiar with the local culture, system, rules, etc. It will also allow users to discuss various topics in the discussion forum and seek expert’s advice for further clarification. 

A way project poster
Prints app project poster
Karen Yao

Prints, your modern travel journal

Prints is a social media travel app designed to create profiles for any type of traveller and to streamline documenting travel memories and planned trips through the collection of flags, photos, dates, locations, basic trip details, and necessary travel documents in an organized, intuitive manner.

Maria Fernanda Nieto Rivera


This project aims to help people in Toronto to find their own best spots to drink or party based on their preferences, budget, and location in real-time. This tool facilitates users the research and allows them to discover places with different music genres, deals, and amenities in a short time.

Nite app project poster
betterYou app project poster
Mariana Velloso Rocha


betterYou is an Artificial Intelligence mobile app to guide teens to self-discovering. How? It will “learn” from users’ responses to generate psychology-based reports. They can also track mood to get exciting challenges. The mascot Boo loves to play when placed in the real world through Augmented Reality. Try it now!

Michael Radford

Drip, the style management app

Drip ensures that one can view and organize their wardrobe in a straightforward manner. No matter how immense your closet is, it’ll be easy to view your favourite and go-to outfits.

The app also suggests outfits daily so that the struggle of finding an outfit to wear diminishes.

Drip app project poster
Mom-day app project poster
Myungki Lee


Productivity Rewards App for SAHMs

Can you imagine the annual labour value of SAHM (stay-at-home moms) is over $96,000? Even if it is much deserved, this 24/7 unpaid job is totally undervalued. The mission of the project is to bolster SAHMs’ self-esteem and work-life balance by letting family and society aware of their real labour value.

Nandita Sharma

Special Pledge

It’s a social app that allows you to navigate events, clubs, activities, etc. based solely on areas of interest that you feed to the app. Cut through the clutter of searching and refining, let the events come to you!

Special Pledge app project poster
Nathan Chan


ultralight is a platform that aims to teach and encourage camping and outdoor lifestyles. It aims to guide novices through the difficult experiences of learning to camp, while giving experienced users the opportunity to create and organize community events in and around provincial parks.

Nilu Seneviratne


Get the Perfect Movie Recommendation

MO is a movie recommendation app that recommends a movie to a user based on their current mood.

Avoid scrolling endlessly on your Netflix. Let MO help you figure out how the events of your day affect how you feel, and what you’re in the mood to watch tonight.

MO app project poster
Todams app project poster
Yinka Osidein

Todams – Destination platform

This platform provides users, with insights into different destinations and a listing of local guides in their chosen destination.

People looking to visit lesser known destinations can access authentic information to guide them. As a result, booking travels to these places will become easier.

Opal Almeida

Book my services

Service booking platform

This is an easy-to-use and uncluttered platform, which is a one-shop stop for all your local professional services at your doorstep. Examples of services provided – Housekeeping (Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters, etc.) & Personal services (Beauty, Spa, etc.). Users can directly call the service, book or track appointments through the platform.

Memory Book app project poster
Rahul Chopra

The Memory Book

The Memory Book is a cloud-storage platform that allows users to organize and retrieve their digital memories by personalizing and humanizing their information through smart organization and recommendation tools. The experience of revisiting memories will be enriching when the user is given the ability to curate with their personal items.

Renzo Carlos


UpDish is the friend you need when you don’t know how to order and are too overwhelmed with the number of options at a build‑your‑own‑meal restaurant. Learn what to do during the entire ordering process, discover the possibilities of customizing your food, plus a whole lot more!

VocabSlayer app project poster
Sicheng Chen


An English vocabulary learning app which categorized by different types of tests. It includes a repeat-practice function for users to practice and memorize. Also, a vocabulary combat game is added, which allows the user to practice and play with an opponent.

Taciana Kolisch

Seeds Deeds

A lot of people want to do something good to help change the world, but they don’t know where to start.

Seeds Deeds is a gamified app to inspire people to perform a good deed every day and to track it making their garden grow.

Seeds Deeds app project poster
Hopalong app project poster
Thaís Schilipack


Hopalong is an app that will make the challenge of finding reliable kid-friendly establishments easier, with reviews by parents for parents and a robust search system.

Tiffany Iris Kwong


SurveyHUB is a centralized hub for surveys.

  • Consumers give product or service feedback after completed transactions. Corresponding establishments collect the data for ongoing improvement in operation plans.
  • A QR code is on each receipt to scan into the app to activate surveys. Completed surveys instill monetary rewards and coupon offers.
SurveyHUB app project logo
Joy Sheng – Meal Prep Solution

Hey, do you spend too much money on eating out? Or waste a lot of time on menu research and grocery shopping? is a meal prep solution website to save your time and money. How does a $3 fresh nutrition-balanced meal sound? Check this project out.


On August 5 and 6, the graduating class of Centennial College’s Interactive Media Management program were live online to show off their accomplishments.

Throughout the year, students exercise their design thinking skills, with their crowning achievement being an interactive media project of their own design they’ve taken from concept to hi-fidelity prototype.

See their achievements here, and get to know a little bit about the next generation of design thinkers!