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October 27 & 28, 2020

On Oct 27 and 28, the Fall 2020 graduating class of Centennial College’s Interactive Media Management program were live online to show off their accomplishments.

During their second semester, students come up with an idea for an interactive media project of their own, and take it from concept to prototype.

See their achievements here, get to know a little bit about the next generation of design thinkers, and see how they re-envision the future.

Adam Power

Canadian Satire News Network (CSSN)

CSSN is a platform aimed at writers and consumers of sports media who are looking for a new platform to find content, different from the mainstream media outlets.

It is an alternative sports news platform that will feature a community forum for user generated content, giving users an opportunity to write and publish their own content.

Student Circle app screens
Carlos Jovel

Student Circle

Helping international students find support and friendly neighbours

Student Circle is a mobile application that helps new international students who just arrived in Canada to find useful information in regards to living in a new country provided by other students who are willing to support them and help them navigate during the initial days of their new life.

Dahye Ahn


2020 fitness trend during and after Covid-19

Due to the pandemic, everyone is suffering from “getting out of shape” at home.  F2F is an online trainer and fitness finder platform that simulates fitness gym service including personal training and group classes.

F2F fitness finder would like to help you work at home without missing out on anything for the gym. Get a FREE workout plan, FREE consultation with real trainers, and start getting in shape TODAY!

Deborah Matos


health-conscious food delivery

An app that aims to help people on finding suitable food options from restaurants in Canada according to their specific dietary preferences, restrictions and intolerances. The expected user goal is to make individual better choices when ordering food, staying healthy, balanced, and closer to health and aesthetical goals.

Deepanshu Saini


An application that suggests the entertainment options and events held close to the user’s based on their interests, and let the user book tickets and go through the reviews of the suggested events directly from the application. The user experience is such that the entire process of searching for the events and booking for the tickets takes a minimum effort and the need for traversing through long lists is eliminated.

person reading a smartphone
Felix Chuang

Project OUTlook

Project OUTlook is a site where teens can navigate stories centring the experiences of LGBTQ+ teens that examine topics such as online social bullying and peer pressure.  By engaging in exercise activities, teens are asked to reflect on their understanding of themselves and their social relationships with others

Hinal Patel


Keep health in your hands

Echo supports caregivers and patients of chronic illnesses by allowing them to curate and access information relevant to their healthcare needs.

Echo project graphic
Happy Abode site shown on laptop
Jessica Naval

Happy Abode

Happy Abode is an online service that connects lawn professionals with homeowners who are looking for quality on-demand help in their local area. It’s a website that supports homeowners in summarizing large amounts of data, comparing choices at a glance, and aid in their decision-making process.

John Freire

Art Polis – New Era Art Community

Art Polis is an art marketplace geared not only towards purchase and sales, but also collaborations. A platform that allows artists to meet and collaborate while engaging their audience. One that incentivizes user engagement and promoting art project organization.

Art Polis promo image showing laptop
Beer Stash promo image
Marcelo de Sousa

Beer Stash

An e-commerce and crowdfunding platform focused on selling Canadian craft beer and helping craft breweries grow past the pandemic closures.

María Zamora

Crime Sleuths

“Focus on the monsters walking among us, and let us work together to unmask them”

Immerse yourself and do everything you can to help discover what truly happened to the victims.

A website where citizens sleuths can learn, help and investigate crimes committed in their communities. From cold cases to active cases happening around them. This platform will help educate civilians in matter of police work, investigations, crowdsourcing, using social media and how other cases were solved or helped by civilians.

Crime Sleuths website promo image
Life in Pandemic app mockup screens
Melissa De Leon

Life In Pandemic

An Interactive Storytelling Game

A mobile interactive storytelling game where a girl reminisces the fun times she had with her best friend before the COVID-19 pandemic entered their lives. Learn facts about COVID-19 and other viral disease while enjoying a gamified and compelling story experience and why it’s important to follow safe health procedures.


Miguel Mascaro


The “Pride Voice” website is a platform that will provide reliable information on the workplace for the LGBTQI community. This tool will allow the users to do research on various companies’ approaches towards inclusion & diversity of the workforce and utilize the findings to help their decision making process on whether a particular company offers a suitable environment to this community at work. In other words, is it the right place they are looking to work for?”

Pride Voice logo
Flutterfish app screens
Olivia Mesango


Keep your Fish Swimming

Flutterfish is a proprietary solution designed to provide unfiltered information on how best to care for saltwater pet fish. The intuitive mobile application helps with reminders on how and when to feed your fish, clean the aquarium and the species that make good tank buddies.

The app has a gamified virtual representation of the fish and users can engage with their fish from their mobile phones and monitor the progress both virtually and physically.

Pooja Gupta


An accessibility enhancement plugin for wireframing technologies like Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, etc. AllY helps UX designers effectively capture accessibility requirements in the initial design stage of web development and, as a result, assist engineering and product teams to deliver inclusive and accessible software products to the market.

AllY project promo image
WHATOCOOK app promo image
Ravjot Singh


A recipe learning platform for amateur cooks

A gamified recipe learning platform that empowers amateur cooks to build their confidence by guiding from setting up the kitchen to teaching them the art of cooking in an interactive learning environment with personalized guidance and preferences.

Saifil Momin


An eLearning platform for everyone

Plato is a web app that helps users find learning content and resources relevant to a specific profession. It curates, recommends, and provides links to already existing content such as videos, articles, books, etc. based on user preferences.

Plato - project displayed on laptop
person reading Woke Strips app on smartphone
Shubhang Saurav

Woke Strips

Woke Strips is an Android-based comic book app. It publishes comic books by independent writers and creators and offers them a platform to gain an audience. The app primarily publishes comic books that highlight the importance and need for certain social concerns and taboos. Its objective is to make the users aware of such social concerns. However, the content of the app is not restricted to just such comic books, but other genres too.

Yumin Gang

Think Skin

Have you ever questioning your skincare product whether if it is working for you or not? Have you ever experienced receiving unsolicited advice or inconsiderate remark on your skin condition? Think Skin helps them to track their skin progress easily, and aims to reduce people’s skin concerns and pains through unbiased and reliable information derived from real-world experiences while creating a safe place for them to connect with each other.

Think Skin app promo image
Helping Hand app screens
Zaheer Sayyed

Helping Hand

A community-based platform with background verification of users. It will help connect users who need assistance to complete daily errands with other trusted users within their community, that are in close proximity and willing to provide service. Users will pay a small agreed-upon fee in return for the services availed and also rate the services on task completion.

Re-Envision 2020

On Oct. 27 and 28, the Fall 2020 graduating class of Centennial College’s Interactive Media Management program were live online to show off their accomplishments.

Throughout the year, Interactive Media Management students work on several projects, developing their design thinking skills.

During their second semester, students come up with an idea for an interactive media project of their own, and take it from concept to prototype.

See their achievements here, get to know a little bit about the next generation of design thinkers, and see how they re-envision the future.