June 7, 2023 | 5-7 p.m. | Virtual
June 8, 2023 | 6-8 p.m. | In Person
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UXPO ’23 showcases the work of Centennial College’s Interactive Media Management graduating class of Summer 2023.

Throughout the year, this eclectic group of problem solvers connected through a love of design and human-centric thinking. Now, it’s their opportunity to showcase the work that brought them together.

Students will be showcasing their work in two events – one virtual and one in person:

  • Virtual – June 7, 5-7 p.m. ET at kumospace.com/uxpo23
  • In person – June 8, 6-8 p.m. at Centennial College’s Story Arts Centre, 951 Carlaw Ave., Room 191/193

In the meantime, browse through their work, connect with students, and discover the next generation of design thinkers.

Jessica Dzilums


Affirmicity is a community mental health app designed to help users boost their mindset and self-confidence on the go. The app empowers users to share and receive positive affirmations with one another, practice mindfulness techniques, and cultivate better cognitive behaviour alongside a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

Affirmicity app promo image
AmiGO app promo image
Melissa Dumancic


AmiGO is your perfect travel companion. It keeps all your travel documents in one place so you can easily find them. AmiGO can also help you pack and make custom recommendations based on your needs and preferences, saving you time and making your journey stress-free. Let’s go together…

Kuan-Hung Lin (Mic)


Unlocking the world of cannabis for all users! I’ve shattered barriers with an exceptional online buying experience. Through innovative UX design and a cutting-edge app, I’m revolutionizing how you discover and purchase cannabis products, delivering a seamless and delightful experience for everyone.

BonVoyaChill app promo image
Rushana Bristol


Cast is a website where members of the film production community can find job in their respected fields and at their respected levels. It will be a safe place to find jobs that have been vetted already, Cast will also offer a mentorship and workshop service.

Wai Sum Cheung (Mikael)

Claw - All-In-One Travel Research Platform

Introducing the ultimate companion for wanderlust-filled travellers around the world! Seamlessly search destinations and activities based on your social media and map app saves. Filter your interests with ease, plan unforgettable itineraries, and book directly on our platform. Say goodbye to travel woes and hello to adventure!

Claw app promo image
Clownfish app promo image
Tsz Chiu Wong (Kernel)

Clownfish – Leasing Solution for Newcomers in Canada

A leasing solution that specializes for newcomers in Canada aims to provide a seamless and stress-free leasing experience.

Aarnav Bhatnagar


Companion: Innovative tablet for injury management and progress tracking. User-friendly interface, simple features. Stay organized, set goals, track recovery. Trustworthy tool empowering individuals in their recovery journey.

Companion app promo image
Crackers Daily app screens
Wilson Fung

Crackers Daily

Crackers Daily is an anonymous platform for users to collectively discuss a topic daily. Users can use quadratic voting to vote and comment on their views. The display of the content will be using Pinterest or Tinder layout for more interactive experience for users.

Sapana Yonjan

Dana - Decluttering Made Easy

Dana is a digital platform promoting sustainable living and reducing waste by connecting individuals to give and receive items for free, fostering a culture of generosity and collaboration. With an intuitive interface, Dana empowers users to declutter, find treasures, and contribute to a circular economy.

Dana app promo image
EdsDoo app promo image
Nelson Cardona

EdsDoo Education

EdsDoo is a web based digital tool to facilitate teachers to plan their lessons on a single source while letting students engage with interactive content to encourage active learning in the classroom and while learning online.

Summer Altamimi


FitBuddy: Connect with workout partners based on fitness level, gender, and age. Stay motivated with workout notifications and expert trainers, and track progress on the dashboard. Securely communicate through the private chat room. Join worldwide, with multi-language support. Achieve your fitness goals with FitBuddy, your innovative companion.

FitBuddy app promo image
FUNDamental app promo image
Caitlyn Leatherdale


FUNDamental is a mobile application that educates Canadian teenagers and young adults about financial literacy. It offers resources in various learning styles and formats to provide a rewarding and personalized user experience and focuses on interactivity and gamification to encourage users to return to the app and continue their learning.

Sama Elmor

Heal All

“Heal All” is a user-friendly healthcare platform for immigrants without OHIP coverage. It enhances healthcare access with features like language assistance, affordable options, and culturally competent providers, leveraging UX design expertise and healthcare knowledge.

Heal All app promo image
Avinash Anil

Home & Away

Home & Away is an Interactive platform that eases the struggles of immigrants from India to become self-reliant in Canada during their residency, to locate and purchase groceries and cultural products that they used to get in their home country at their convenience.

Mila Ravindiran

Humanizing Sales

Humanizing Sales is an interactive video course for Coaches and Consultants to develop empathetic and psychologically informed advertising strategies for their businesses. The course introduces positive psychology concepts through interactive lessons and helps users apply it to their marketing and advertising campaigns. The outcome is a psychological informed campaign strategy.

Humanizing Sales app promo image
IELTSIR app promo image
Wenxiao Zheng (Zoe)

IELTSIR - An IELTS learning app

Unveiling the Future of English Mastery! Embrace IELTSIR at our Exhibition! Immerse yourself in an extraordinary showcase of next-generation language learning solutions, personalized coaching, and cutting-edge technology. Engage with our immersive simulations, and unlock the keys to IELTS success. Ignite your passion for English and unleash your true potential!

Long Hei Yeung (Benny)


InnoAuto is a trustworthy car trading platform that safeguards customers from scams. With seller validation, test drive consulting, and detailed reports, we help customers confidently purchase their dream cars while ensuring transparency and reliability.

InnoAuto app promo image
Ishak Ibrahim


Intelligent Shopping is an application designed to revolutionize the way people shop for groceries. With iShopping, users no longer have to physically visit multiple stores to compare prices and find the best deals. Instead, they can conveniently navigate through the app to check and compare prices of grocery items.

Maria Paola Robayo

KlinKer App

KlinKer is a marketplace platform for hiring a portfolio of artists, shows and staging, where artists offer their services in arts and entertainment for any event, regardless of location. At the same time, users can select and hire artists through multiple options and payments to make their social and corporate events.

KlinKer app promo image
Alefiya Bakrawala


Langscape is a revolutionary language learning platform where users explore diverse cultures and countries while mastering a new language. With interactive lessons, simulations, and immersive experiences, Langscape transforms language learning into an exciting virtual journey.

Alice Aterman


Liink is a mobile app that gets you in touch with a range of local nightlife activities. You can search for upcoming events by music genre, view event schedules for venues and musicians, and rate events. Liink lets you discover new and interesting nightlife events in an easy, accessible way.



Linguatour eliminates language barriers for monolingual, introverted tourists. It delivers accurate information in users’ native languages, sourced from trusted local guides. With audio and written content, tourists can fully immerse themselves in the history and culture of their destination. Letting them Interact with guides for a personalized, meaningful travel experience.

Guramrit Kaur

Little Hearts

Little Hearts is a fun way for nurturing emotional intelligence for young minds and empowering caregivers. It helps children to validate who they are sooner in their lives and also act as a guide and check-in point for caregivers to help them better understand a child’s psyche.

Kulbir Deol (KB)


Majime is a hassle-free food/drink scanner app designed for people with food restrictions. Scan items to discover ingredient information, including pictures. Filter out unwanted ingredients, making shopping easier for yourself and others. Automatically avoid restricted foods and see corresponding icons. Plus, enjoy translations of ingredients in various languages.

Noorien Parveen

MICSAC- Miscarriage Community Support and Care

Discover solace, guidance, and support with MICSAC—a compassionate app for coping with miscarriage trauma. Navigating the challenging path of loss and uncertainty becomes easier with MICSAC by your side. Find comfort, empathy, and the tools to heal, regain strength, and embrace a world of understanding community.

Oreoluwa Osoba


Are you tired of losing your personal items? Are you tired of being misunderstood? Get ready to unlock a new level of productivity and partner collaboration with Mindsync, an innovative geo-location reminder app designed to reduce forgetfulness in ADHD-ers and educate non-ADHD-ers. Say goodbye to forgetfulness and unleash your potential!

Amir Payami


Mocho is an online platform connecting animal lovers with orphaned animals for adoption. With a user-friendly interface, it allows individuals to easily locate and adopt homeless animals, fostering a loving environment for these animals in need.

Yoorim Choi

My Tattoo Story

Tattoo discrimination can cause emotional conflict in relationships, yet there is a lack of resources facing this issue. My Tattoo Story uses expressive writing to combat this—it offers a platform where users can write about their tattoos and their significance, to foster healthy communication and like-minded community support.

Sanjay Kolapalli


Craving gaming adventures with loved ones? Unlock PlayMate, the ultimate gaming haven! Immerse in boundless excitement. Unite new and experienced gamers, igniting epic sessions and friendships. Get hooked on the thrill and camaraderie. Join now, let the gaming saga begin!

Yuet Ming Hayley Ng

PracendoUp - Instruments Practice App (Piano)

PracendoUP is an app to motivate and help students to practice piano effectively and regularly outside the lesson. Through the PracendoUp, you can access all necessary practice resources, such as practice sessions, reports, music library, and exercises. We pursue a better learning process and performance for every student everywhere.

Babak Jahedi


“Discover the untapped potential within you with RECOZONE, redefining what it means to overcome challenges. It’s a journey of resilience, where disabilities become stepping stones, and setbacks transform into comebacks. RECOZONE is your catalyst for growth, helping you break barriers and embrace the extraordinary.”

Devika Anupraj


Tired of the roommate chaos? Say goodbye to sticky notes and arguments over shared expenses. Meet Roomy: the ultimate app for roommate management. From tasks and groceries to expenses, Roomy simplifies it all. Embrace harmony and experience a new level of organization. Welcome to a stress-free shared living with Roomy!

Ying Chih Cheng (Gigi)


ScoliTrack is a mobile app that allows scoliosis patients to measure, record, and track their scoliosis to see the progress and stay motivated throughout the treatment process. This leads them to successfully complete the treatment and reduces the chance of surgery.

Nazmus Saqib

Signfy - Sign Language Translator

The Signify app is an innovative tool that enables real-time translation to sign language to speech and text and vice versa. The app is designed to enhance communication accessibility for the sign language user community by allowing users to communicate more effectively with sign language users.

Simnan Vora

Simzu - Wedding Planning App

Lost in a sea of uncertainty about venues and overwhelmed by the daunting task?! Here comes Simzu, with a sprinkle of magic, unveils a world of stunning venues, effortlessly guiding you on a journey filled with inspiration, joy, and the promise to simplify the journey to your dream wedding.

Wing Nam Kam (Stacey)


Wondering how to make your virtual presence shine? Introducing TalkSoon – the revolutionary platform that turns virtual communication into a breeze. With customized practice scenarios, expert guidance, and real-time feedback, TalkSoon empowers you to disconnect from the struggles and connect with unwavering confidence. Unleash your virtual prowess and embrace impactful communication.

Amanda Huang

TeamUp - Collaborative Community

A Collaborative Community – TeamUp, helps to connect companies with individuals who are eager to practice design challenging problems that sponsor by companies related to product development. By participating in design challenges, users have the opportunity to showcase their problem-solving skills with others while practicing their design abilities with challenges.

Anmol Samson

The Self Love App

The Self Love App is for users whose goal is to rebuild a relationship with themselves through self-compassion. Users will build a personal self love plan choosing daily self-compassion exercises. Users will complete daily “rituals”; including exercises such as meditations, role plays, and journaling.

Nawreen Shamma

Toddler Meal Organizer

A meal preparation app to create easy meals for fussy toddlers. There are recipes, a shopping list, a schedule, favorites, a tracker, and games. This app will ensure the child’s well-being, growth, overall health, and building good food habits for the future.

Olufunmilayo Owoeye


Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by your expenses and struggling to stay within budget? Bid farewell to financial distress, and embrace WiseSpend’s finesse! It is an app that simplifies tracking expenses and managing budgets, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and paperwork. Plus, it offers personalised recommendations on price reduction.

Sarah Grace Soriano

You Me We

You Me We educates the youth about other races to prepare them for an inclusive and empathetic global society. It encourages the youth to learn about other people’s culture through interactive lessons, make new friends from across the globe, and exchange stories and perspectives.

UXPO ’23

UXPO ’23 showcases the work of Centennial College’s Interactive Media Management graduating class of Summer 2023. Throughout the year, this eclectic group of problem solvers connected through a love of design and human-centric thinking. Now, it’s their opportunity to showcase the work that brought them together. Students will be showcasing their work in two events – one virtual and one in person:
  • Virtual – June 7, 5-7 p.m. ET at kumospace.com/uxpo23
  • In person – June 8, 6-8 p.m. at Centennial College’s Story Arts Centre, 951 Carlaw Ave., Room 191/193