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October 27, 2022 | 5:30-8 p.m.

UXVerse is a virtual exhibition and trade show hosted by Centennial College’s Interactive Media Management graduating class of Fall 2022.

Throughout the year, this diverse group of thinkers and problem solvers has been exercising their design thinking skills, exploring how to create interactive media products that connect with people and their needs.

Join us on Kumospace on Thursday, Oct. 27, from 5:30 to 8 p.m. ET.

We invite you to turn your cameras on and engage in conversation with this next generation of human-centred designers who are moving the interactive media industry forward.

See you at UXVerse

Alexandra Khorosheva


ArtracK is an event-finding platform with a focus on Visual Arts. ArtracK app makes art approachable and easy to navigate! Our mission is to bring the art community together, provide artists with new opportunities, and help users to find the perfect event to attend!

ArtracK app screens
Alexandra Khorosheva 2022
Andre Malebran 2022
Andre Malebran


Luggage is a Peer-to-Peer Platform that offers an intermediary service for renting items between users who want to book a product or service and those who provide them temporarily.

Annie Quenne Borbe


Ravetrail is a navigation app paired with augmented reality that helps users navigate huge, crowd-filled, and chaotic music festivals. Users are directed point to point and guided by virtual pathway in physical space telling them exactly when to turn.

RaveTrail app screen
Crowd Image from Pexels.com | RaveTrail App 2022
Immigrant app screens
Immigrant 2022
Anusha Chopra


Immigrant is a gamified microblogging platform designed to help immigrants migrate/settle in Canada. The application help users post their concerns in any language on the feed wall to get engaged with other users, form communities and get help with YouTube videos to make information more accessible and understandable.

Arden Shing


nouri is a Traditional Chinese Medicine wellness app that provides personalised tips to help users lead a lifestyle that’s healthier for their body constitution. Users can find out their body constitution to generate personalised wellness tips with the TCM approach.
Disclaimer: This student project contains found images/ illustrations by Ilana Bodenstein. I do not own the rights to the illustrations.

Arden Shing 2022
Ariel Golez 2022
Ariel Mariah Golez

Med O'clock

Med O’clock is a medicine reminder application intended for but not limited to parents with chronically ill children. The application allows the user to create profiles for patients and attach data about medication, prescriptions and medicine reminders.Another feature is that the user is allowed to input data about when medication was taken, symptoms, temperature levels and visual symptoms such as rashes and bruises to further develop a comprehensive report about the patient’s healing journey. Moreover, the application allows the user to consume medical data about their patient’s conditions.

Avin Varghese

Event Listing App - MOMENTZ

“An App that provides simple and intuitive way of connecting party aspiring individuals to event vendors and products nearby.”

Momentz app screens
Avin Varghese 2022
Avinash Anil 2022
Avinash Anil

Home & Away

An interactive platform that eases the struggles of immigrants from India to become self-reliant in Canada during their residency, to locate and purchase groceries and other essential products that they used to get in their home country at their convenience.

Ayo Ojeshina

Sports Nexus

The Sports Nexus is a sports-oriented social and listings application, that allows users to search for drop ins, pick-up games, leagues, and to connect with other users all in one place. . The aim is to facilitate networking and growth within the sports community.

Ayo Ojeshina 2022
Azadeh Selahvarzi 2022
Azadeh Selahvarzi


A health record application for newcomers to save and share their medical history with clinical practitioners.

Bernardo Lizárraga


LaLa is the mobile tool that any dedicated language student dreams of; a journaling buddy that makes it all a bout the journey. It’s conceived to encourage a thrilling diversity of connections across your learnings, which are support various formats. It even uses spaced repetition with a calendar, and multilanguage toggle.

Bernardo Lizárraga 2022
Bibi Bilodeau 2022
Bibi Bilodeau


Too often Autistics adults live undiagnosed and unsupported simply because society’s perceptions of Autism is based on stereotypes. #AutisticAnswers is an app that connects you with real Autism information and resources in your area, and access to content from a growing community of Autistics! Whether you are Autistic, or just Autism curious, #AutisticAnswers will change the way we think of, and live with Autism.

Brenna Lawson

Operation Assistant

Improving The Patient Experience

Operation Assistant is an experience designed to assist patients throughout their surgery journey. The platform keeps patients educated and prepared while supporting health optimization and decreasing health risks. Automated reminders about surgery instructions help patients stay up-to-date and organized on their upcoming surgery. The main goals of the website application are to improve efficiency and patient flow within the hospital, decrease post-operative infection rates, and improve the patient experience through education so that one may have more ownership of their health.

Operation Assistant app screens
Brenna Lawson 2022
Skilling Up logo
Caio Costa 2022
Caio Costa

Skilling UP

Skilling UP is a practical experience that allows young professionals to develop soft skills required to land a job. It does this through the Experiential Learning Cycle, meaning that Skilling UP users have a practical experience, reflect on it, trade feedback with other users, and trace a plan to apply the knowledge gained.

Camille Chan

JAM - Just A Moment

JAM – Just A Moment is a mobile application for airline passengers to find the estimated wait time at the security screening checkpoints and kill the wait time with a multiplayer game during the waits at the airport.

JAM app screens
Camille Chan 2022
Charmi 2022

DEN - Never Stop Learning

DEN helps by connecting like-minded people to find communities where they can talk more about their interests, hobbies and work. It helps people to find more exciting hobbies and allows them to connect with tutors to book classes with them. We aim to provide a productive and engaging platform to our users that will allow them to learn more and always be creative.

Desmond Lai

CanWork - Prepare for Unexpected

CanWork is a narrative workplace simulator for newcomers to understand Canadian workplace culture better through experiencing different workplace scenarios.

CanWork app screens
Desmond Lai 2022
Enid Lam 2022
Enid Lam

Downtown - Apparel e-commerce platform

Downtown is an apparel e-commerce platform that promotes customer engagement. It is an innovative sales option for apparel retailers to promote their brands by building relationships and engaging with customers. It also allows customers to shop with anyone, anytime and anywhere, with their avatars.

Eyimofe Soremekun


Shaxplore is an online platform that suggests places for users to explore, visit, and go to based on their personality, likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. It aims to bring the explorer out of people based on how comfortable they feel in certain places and within certain crowds.

Shaxplore logo
Eyimofe Soremekun 2022
Blab Bud logo
Gwyneth Samson 2022
Gwyneth Samson

Blab Budd

Blab Budd is a health and wellness application that will guide users in the right direction to find the appropriate medical attention, they require through a refined key word search and can engage with the resources and services through shared experiences and remedies that will be closely examined by established health consultants and doctors all over Canada.

Harkaran Singh

E-commerce for Choice

E-commerce for Choice is an e-commerce platform for traditional Indian women’s clothing. It will initially cater to our already existing customer base outside of India in countries like Canada, The US, UK and Australia. The platform has unique features such as virtual appointment and custom tailoring.

Harkaran Singh 2022
YIST app screens
Jonathan Prias 2022
Jonathan Prias

YIST: Your International Student Toolkit

This all-in-one platform will provide valuable resources and information about immigration, housing, lifestyle, expenses, and more, to international students in Canada. There would be recommendations of articles, apps, videos, websites, and social network groups with answers to specific questions about life in the country.

Justin Leung

Storylizer – a 3D Storyboarding Tool

Storylizer is a storyboarding app concept that reduces the friction between storyboarding and creativity, with a new creative workflow and customizability. We aim to speed up the production workflow for creative professionals by using text input and drag & drop assets.

Storylizer app screen
Justin 2022
Ka Ki Yan 2022
Ka Ki Yan

Ecossentials - Your guide to eco-personal care products

Ecossentials application assists users to identify the eco-personal care products. This gives users opportunities to swap to more sustainable options; the first and easiest step towards making changes in their shopping experience. It aims to encourage users to choose more environmentally friendly products and will elevate more responsible consumers.

Khyati Sethi

My Eden

My Eden app is a tracking application that allows the user to be notified whenever any of their plants need watering. It was designed for people who already have plants at home or want to start surrounding themselves with greenery at home, offering plant identification, information, care tips, and video call with plant experts.

My Eden app poster image
Khyati Sethi 2022
Decor Rush logo
Krishna Desai 2022
Krishna Desai

Decor Rush - Get creative with your homes

Decor Rush’s idea is to provide a single tool for home decor shopping and inspirations, with a 360 degree AI feature to test products virtually in their space and then make a buying decision. This will be similar to playing an interior decor game but this time users will be decorating their homes in real. In-house virtual assistance will be available for further help.

Kuldeep Singh

Litscape - Build a reading habit

Litscape is a chatbot-based mobile app that helps you finish those books lying around in your house, waiting for you to read them, or if you are having trouble reading consistently. (Plus, you can meet people with similar interests.)

Litscape ap screens
Kuldeep Singh 2022
SimplyConnect app cover image
Kushneet Marjara 2022
Kushneet Marjara


SimplyConnect is an online portfolio building platform that enables freshers in the creative field to build their portfolios while getting paid. The platform aims to connects freshers to one-time paid projects, to help them gain work experience, build their portfolios and share their experience with their peers and future employers.

Mahi Gulati


FocoWalk is a community-led photography learning tool that aims to make technical jargon like ISO, aperture and shutter speed easier to understand and apply, through the power of AI machine learning and interactive maps.

FocoWalk app promo poster
Mahi Gulati 2022
MoveIt app cover image
Paid image from Envato
Miriam Tumpalan


MoveIt is an on-demand moving service platform to transport large or high-volume items conveniently. It provides an alternative solution to the traditional methods available in the market to alleviate the stress of moving.

Narges Rajaie

Canvas Mode

It is an easy use app for fashion accessories designers who are looking for products based on the practical and updated methods in the digital market world”

Canvas Mode logo
Narges Rajaie 2022
Nirandhi Naidu 2022
Nirandhi Naidu

Huddle Up

Huddle Up is built to help sports teams and players connect and grow. It is designed to help players find sports teams and vice-versa, based on their sports preference, skill level, time availability and area preference. From finding pick-up games to booking private venues, Huddle Up can handle all your off-field tasks!

Pat Lucero

Painting with a Difference

The app PAINTING WITH A DIFFERENCE can assist children who have difficulty expressing themselves. This project aims to develop a mobile application that can assist children ages 6 to 12. The  project encourages children to express their innermost thoughts and emotions through visual means such as coloring and drawing.

Painting with a Difference app promo image
Pat Lucero 2022
Visioner app cover
Peggy Shum 2022
Peggy Shum


Visual therapy doesn’t have to be stressful and expensive. Visioner is designed to make treatment available to children with amblyopia eye (lazy eye) in underprivileged families during their optimal treatment period. It is a free adventure-based video game that serves education and visual therapy purposes.

Regina Bado

Career Advisor

Career Advisor is an app that guides adults who want to change to a new career but don’t know where to start. By providing different personality and skill tests, Career Advisor creates a step-by-step personalized plan for the user to make the transition to their new career in an enjoyable method.

Career Advisor app cover image
Regina Bado 2022
HAP app cover image
Regina Go 2022
Regina Go

HAP – Eating Away The Homesickness

HAP is designed to help homesick, Southeast Asian newcomers reduce the stress and sense of isolation by engaging all five senses through the medium of food. It is a recipe-sharing website that features nostalgic Southeast Asian recipes with authentic flavors that are made with ingredients that are readily available in Toronto.

Santiago Artieda

CBD Goods

Here you have an online retailer that guides new or even frequent users to find the right product for their needs. We provide you with reliable products and also a trustworthy source of information about CBD Basics & How-Tos.

CBD Goods app cover image
Santiago A.R. 2022
Follo app screens
Saranya Hari Kumar 2022
Saranya Hari Kumar


Follo is a transit navigation app designed for newcomers to the city to conveniently travel on the TTC. The goal of the app is to create a community of commuters who make well-informed decisions about their everyday trip on TTC.

Shelly Wu

Wild House

Wild House is an online pet reptile store focused on educating potential and current pet owners about pet reptiles’ behaviour and needs. It allows people to understand better how to keep reptiles as pets and find the right products to build their perfect habitat.

Shelly Wu 2022
Startt app screens
Simrandeep Sandhu 2022
Simrandeep Sandhu


It is important to have a great start to the day! Startt is an app that helps people to set a managed and productive tone at the beginning of the day that helps them stick to their goals throughout the day.

Sze Long, Ching (C-long)

Room – Long-distance Intimacy App

An intimacy app for long-distance sexual/romantic partners to enhance their sex life by making their digital space more secured and enjoyable. The app allows users to have end-to-end encrypted chatrooms for their most private conversations, it also provides assistance and tips on maintaining spicier sex life even being geographically separated.

Room app promo image
Sze Long Charlotte 2022
InCom app promo image
Thu Tran 2022
Thu Tran

InCom App

InCom App is a personalized financial investment management platform that makes investing accessible to amateur investors. By understanding the investment style via interactive quiz, InCom recommends the right investment strategy for the new investors, which helps them make the right decision to minimize risks and optimize profits.

Trina Vo


Giftsy is an app that generates gift recommendations based on users’ answers to interactive questions. Users can find and purchase good gifts for their recipients for any occasion, customize digital greeting cards, help keep track of upcoming events, and more.

Giftsy app screens
Trina Vo 2022
NomadTrip promo image
Veronica Oyarzun 2022
Veronica Oyarzun


NomadTrip is a Peer-to-Peer Share Marketplace Platform that helps tourists, hikers and campers lovers, connect to nature and outdoor activities, facilitating camping rental gears, in order to save money and time, considering they are only visiting during fixed days, don’t want to make big investments and don’t have enough information ON camping spot’s locations in Canada, to support these activities.

Zahra Sakr

INRM - an Integrated Natural Resource Management platform

INRM is a community engagement platform encouraging locals to participate and increase their involvement in natural resource management issues. The app guides and facilitates users to share their knowledge and outdoor experiences with a community of like-minded individuals.

INRM promo image
Zahra Sakr 2022
FridgeKnow app promo image
Zhaoyu Zhang 2022
Zhaoyu Zhang (Zoey)


FridgeKnow is a digital pocket cooking assistant that could serve users by managing ingredients, recommending culinary videos, recognizing grocery receipts, and generating a cooking calendar. FridgeKnow’s goal is to assist everyone in being a family cook with ease.

Manuela Kalissi Nonga

Hinda App

Hinda is a mobile app that teaches black women about hair maintenance and treatment by offering products, hairstyles, and hairstylists based on hair type and texture.

The goal of Hinda is to level up the self-beauty and empower black women to love their afro-textured hair. Healthy hair; healthy minds.

Hinda app cover image
Manuela Kalissi Nonga 2022


UXVerse is a virtual exhibition and trade show hosted by Centennial College’s Interactive Media Management graduating class of Fall 2022.

Throughout the year, this diverse group of thinkers and problem solvers has been exercising their design thinking skills, exploring how to create interactive media products that connect with people and their needs.

Join us on Kumospace on Thursday, Oct. 27, from 5:30 to 8 p.m. ET.

We invite you to turn your cameras on and engage in conversation with this next generation of human-centred designers who are moving the interactive media industry forward.

See you at UXVerse