That’s What She Said [episode 1]

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That’s What She Said is hosted by Vic and Neens and is a talk show/music show that includes witty banter, PR information, YouTube discussion, a variety of different music — the observations and discussions of two fun PR girls in the city.

6 thoughts on “That’s What She Said [episode 1]”

  1. hahahaha that’s what you get your grade teacher! Receipt probably still in the bag!

    He stole her a few packets of those! My HUSBAND doesn’t know my favourite mascara! Frig Deanna…

    Leggings…way to go…and nice shirt…

    Dinner and a movie…it gets lame once you’re married (valentines Day

  2. Hey girls, good job. I think Barry posted this on Facebook, listened to it while working today! Was great. Keep it up.

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