Full Court Press [episode 2]

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Full Court Press Episode 2

Full Court Press is a weekly basketball talk show, hosted by Centennial sports journalism students Janis Bunkis, Matt Hayes and Josh Lewenberg. In each episode, the boys give a Canadian perspective on one of the country’s fastest-growing sports, covering topics in the CIS, NCAA and NBA. The show will also play some of hip hop’s classics as well as up-and-coming artists.

This week the boys tackle the first three rounds of March Madness, analyzing the games with a focus on Canadians in the tournament, who stepped up and who choked. The guys also preview the Sweet 16, drop some fantasy gold and take a look at how some NBA players are adjusting to new surroundings a month after the trade deadline. As always the 24-second shot clock will be running.

1 thought on “Full Court Press [episode 2]”

  1. I Dont know if my last two message have gotten thru, because I keep getting bumped out of this webpage. However, congratulations to all three of you! Your radio voices are excellent and your diction is good. You have a good command of the English language! No unforced pauses or a lot of UHs punctuatining your sentences. Your knowledge of the game is clearly evident…I was particularly impressed about your analysis of the March Madness games. That was quite awesome, actually. Josh and Matt…It was interesting that you picked Butler to win..Janis your pick was wrong..again! Your interplay over Janis
    losing record was funny….even cute! Janis, you pull the show together very well. Your voice is strong, and your voice inflections are very good. You are all easy to listen to. It is not painful to listen to…in that the listner doesent feel bad for you with uncomfortable pauses or a lack of something to say. So….. good show, all three of you. You should be proud of this effort. Once again, congratulations!

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